The SCROOMtimes Reading List

These are books that we here at the times have either read and enjoyed or think look pretty good. Buy them through by clicking on the cover or the title. Every time you buy a book we make a little coin, so feel free to buy three even four hundred copies of each. Do that and Skippy might not insult your intelligence so much (but he probably will).

My Anxieties Have Anxieties (Peanuts Classics)
Charles M. Schulz

If you're gonna read cartoons, you may as well start with the classics and work your way down.

Price: $7.15

Flashbacks : Twenty-Five Years of Doonesbury
Garry B. Trudeau

Speaking of classics, you can't go wrong with Doonesbury and this compilation is a great way to start.

Price: $17.05

The Essential Calvin and Hobbes : A Calvin and Hobbes Treasury
Bill Watterson

The funniest cartoon collection on the planet featuring a little boy and a stuffed tiger.

Price: $11.65

Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys : A Fairly Short Book
Dave Barry

Dave Barry, guys, what more do you want?

Price: $9.90

Dave Barry's Greatest Hits
Dave Barry

The best of the best from our old buddy Dave. (no, the other Dave)

Price: $9.90

Everything You Think You Know About Politics...and Why You're Wrong
Kathleen Hall Jamieson

Finally, some logical discourse on the American political scene. It ought to be required reading.

Price: $13.50

The Corruption of American Politics : What Went Wrong and Why
Elizabeth Drew

On the other hand, maybe it is a cesspool of corruption?

Price: $14.35

Fear and Loathing:On the Campaign Trail 72
Hunter S. Thompson

The finest piece of political journalism ever written by crazed drug fiend.

Price: $7.19

Breakfast of Champions
Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

It's Vonnegut, just buy it already.

Price: $10.75

Not Impressed?

Don't like our selections? Not a problem, we're secure enough to handle your rejection of our literary tastes. That still doesn't mean that you shouldn't read as often as possible. Take a look around Amazon and find something you like.