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Hey guys! Sick of asking a woman out on a date and the next thing you know you find yourself in the middle of a relationship? Tired of hearing of all the things you promised her, even though you can't remember promising any thing? Fed up with agonizing over who pays for what? Well fret no more! The hard working staff hear at the backpage have heard your cries. Just print out our handy pre-date agreement and your worries are over forever. All of the possible contingincies spelled out in lovely legalise. So start printing and hit the dating trail with an untroubled mind. Oh, and a haircut wouldn't hurt either, shagboy!


This document is to signify that the meeting scheduled for ENTER DATE HERE between MALE NAME HERE, hereafter referred to as he or him and FEMALE NAME HERE, hereafter referred to as she or her, is in fact and in name a date. This being agreed to, the stipulated expectations are as follows:
  1. That he shall arrive at her place of residence no more than fifteen minutes prior to or after his designated time of arrival. Conversely, that she shall be prepared to leave no more than thirty minutes after his arrival.
  2. That both parties shall attempt certain accepted forms of appearance enhancement.
  3. Though the economic status of the evening will be what is colloquially known as "dutch treat", this status may not be used to void the above stated status of the meeting.
  4. That he shall drive or make other arrangements for the evenings transportation.
  5. That both parties are entitled to any and all expectations they might have, fully aware that this in no way requires that said expectations shall be fulfilled.
  6. That the evening may be ended by either party at any time, for any reason, with no fear of repercussion.
  7. That this document will remain in effect for the period of one date, with renegotiations possible after the sixth hour from the start of the date.
  8. That this date shall in no way, shape or form constitute a romantic relationship of any kind, although both parties reserve the right to renegotiate this point at any time.

By receiving and signing this document, both parties agree to abide by the terms presented herein. Both are entitled to all rights and responsibilities, including those not explicably mentioned above, pertaining to a standard date.

Recipient of Invitation

Initiator of Invitation