Volume 1, Number 1 -- August, 1996

Highlights of Our Premier Issue

Hello and welcome to SCROOMtimes! Those of you that came here to visit the Drunk Tank, please stick around and give the 'times a shot. I assure you we still have your favorites here, we've just juggled them a bit. The humor page is still alive and well (and still looking for your jokes). Skippy is still spewing his unique brand of vitriol at just about anything that moves and the world famous Chapman Stick page is still preaching the word from Andy's bio. This is our first issue of the 'times and the paint's still a little wet. We hope to have some new features on-line in the next few months, as well as a return of the Drunk Tank (albeit as a column devoted to beer and brewing). In this issue we have some new features for you to inspect, including "You Gotta See This", our movie review by the man who hates everything. We also are proud to present "A View From the Cheap Seats", our very own Professor's view of the sporting life which will run monthly. As I said, Skippy has made the move from the Tank, this month he has few words for the Olympic bomber(s). The newest and to my mind, most exciting aspect of SCROOMtimes is the "Not Your Average SCROOM" section. In this section, we intend to publish as much new fiction as we can get our hands on every month (that's why you really ought to check out the Call for Contributors). This month we have a feature length look at the NFL season from the Professor, a marathon in movie-going by yours truly, and a couple of great new short stories. Also, don't forget to check out "the Backpage" which this month solves all of your problems with the opposite sex (no, really it does). So sit back and take a look, then drop us a line and tell us what you think. And remember, if you think you can do better, you are probably right.

May the SCROOM be with you,
the SCROOMtimes staff