Volume 1, Number 2 -- September, 1996

Round Two and We Have A Few Suprises

 Welcome back! Perhaps you're thinking that it's time to break out the party hats, the disco ball, clothes so big you can also use it as a car bra, and the beer. Worry not loyal readers: We already have! Everything except the hats, disco ball, and clothes, that is. With the overwhelming success of the maiden issue, we've had to fight off Ziff-Davis and AOL (we do have an image to uphold). Though it's difficult to show you the finger marks where we pried them from our feet, we are proud to present the first authors to have answered the Call. Bob Schmalfeldt helps lead our guest writers this issue with a fiction piece entitled "Intellectual Curiosity", which we hope will peak yours as it did ours. And, entirely due to our whim as well as our desire to expand our horizons, we have Velda Thomas and Chris Chen launching our very own poetry review, supported by contributions from our own staff. If you enjoy what our SCROOM Times guests have written, let us or them know so we can encourage them to submit more in the future.

 But, forget not our very own SCROOMers, cranking out whatever they want to for the sheer joy of... cranking out whatever they want to. Having reached into his closet and pulled out his favorite Party suit, Skippy's back to help you with the upcoming Presidential Elections. And to the far left, left field that is, Dave Lind delves into the delicate subject of women and sports in A View from the Cheap Seats. Are you holding your breath for the return of Kurt Russell and John Carpenter? Well, go ahead and exhale before you turn blue, our own AML tells you how Russell and Carpenter wipes out in Escape from L.A. And when your ready to leave our little publication, make sure to leave by way of the BackPage. It's hunting season! But, we here at SCROOM Times do not condone the senseless killing of animals for the mere sake of sport (eating is okay), so we suggest our own type of hunting where there are no guns involved and no camouflage.

 And before we let you loose in our second issue, we again want to remind you that the Call for Submissions is out and we're always interested in new writers, artists, or anything we can put in this publication (legally).

To SCROOM or not to SCROOM....
SCROOM, definitely.
the SCROOMtimes staff

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