Volume 1, Number 2 -- September, 1996

Hey there again - it's our second issue! It's been pretty exciting around here - reading our first submissions, formatting everything... Unfortunately, I've been pre-occupied with personal troubles, so a couple of things have gone on the back burner. For instance...
Next month, we'll bring you the Rant Page - a place where you can vent about politics, rant about our staff, or just bitch about the world in general, and leave your remarks behind for prosperity to find. Look for it in the next issue!
Letters to the Editor - soon, we'll be publishing the best of all the missives that we get from you, our readers. So polish those poison pens, blow the dust off of your thesauri, and let us have it!
The Drunk Tank - yes, that is the name of the father of this little web'zine, but we are going to be returning to our roots, and reviving it as a (semi-)regular column on beer, wine, and associated arts. If you have a review, a how-to for brewing great dandelion wine, or perhaps a pro-prohibition tirade against drinkers, send it in! (Just kidding - we'd have to put prohibition tirades in their own space).

So, bring it on! Keep those cards and letters coming...