Volume 1, Number 4 -- November, 1996


Where we goin'?
 Don't know.
How about here?
Yeah, why not here?
 When did you go trendoid?
What trendoid? They got couches, they got beer, they got babies.
 Trendoid babies.
What trendoid babies?
 They're doin' the cigar thing man.
So they're doin' cigars, they're still honeys.
 All right, all right we go here.

What can I get you guys?
A scotch rocks and a Sam's.
That'll be eight-fifty.
Keep it.

So was I right?
 Yeah, babies.
What's up with you man?
 Whatta mean?
Well we got amazing babeness as far as the eye can see and you're a lump man. What is up with that?
 I don't know man, just stuff I guess.
What stuff?
Like cathy stuff?
 Yeah, Cathy Stuff.
Still the pressure, huh?
 Naw, not pressure really...more like...curiosity.
Curiosity? How?
 Like curious about where we're goin' man. You know, the future and all that.
So where you goin'?
 I don't know man, that's the stuff.
So where do you want to go?
 I don't know man, right now I want to be here with these babies, but I know that later I'll want to be home with her.
That sucks man.
 Yeah it does.
Have another one?
Cool. Hey...another round here. You know man, I've been there with the choice and all that.
 So what'd you do?
I'm here with the honeys right?
 Was it the right choice though?
Don't know man. That's the bitch about choices like that. You don't ever know if it's the right one or not.
 So, you happy?
What's happy? Most of time I'm pretty content, I got friends, I see people, I get it pretty regular, my life is pretty good.
 So you would choose this over the other?
Hey, that's my choice man. What works for me doesn't necessarily work for you.
 Yeah, I know all that. I'm just wondering what I should do here man.
Yeah I know how that is.
Yeah it does. I guess you just have to ask yourself is cathy "it"?
 I think she might be it...I don't know though.
I don't think you ever know man.
 Yeah guess not.
Sometimes you just gotta jump in and hope it's deep enough that you don't crack your skull on the bottom.
 Nice image man.
Thanks, I try.
 Yeah, it shows.
So how 'bout that game?
 Aw man that sucked.
Got that shit right.

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