Volume 1, Number 4 -- November, 1996

Selfishly Selfless

By J Davis

crawled into her life
tail between legs
wishing only to please
he'd fawn and he'd beg

his life he'd lay down
at her feet if he could
he implored her to notice
but she just never would

he took nothing from her
and gave her his all
so when she cut the line
it wasn't far to fall

"do you think she'll remember me?"
he asks the lone bumblebee
and arms stretched from sea to sea
he cries "did she care?"

you can imagine his surprise
when the bumblebee replies
from endlessly cloudy skies
"you're a fool, mon frere.

where was the excitement
the thrill of the chase
you gave her a headstart
and never finished the race

she kept looking back
you just cheered her on
so she just kept on running
and now she's gone."


Copyright held by:
J Davis

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