Hey there, Welcome back! And for those of you who are here for the first time, just Welcome!

Well, now it's over. The election, I mean. For better or worse, we now have Bill Clinton for another four years. Yippee. Now, before anybody gets the wrong idea, I did vote for the man, both this time and the last election as well. I must admit, it was harder this time. Not that I wanted to vote for Bob Dole - I prefer that my president thinks of himself in the 1st person.

But these guys are SO boring. I mean - where was the excitement in this campaign? Bill Clinton riding a train to the convention? Bob Dole falling off the stage at some otherwise nameless stumping grounds? Even the outcome of this election was pretty much boring too - I mean, who really though that Bob Dole had any chance in hell of winning? If you did, please give me some of what you were smoking, I could use some reality alteration of that caliber!

They had a small chance of livening it up by inviting (at least) H. Ross Perot to the debate, but, predictably, they didn't.

Here in California, it was a little more interesting, if only because some of the stakes were higher. There were a few propositions that actually meant something here - Prop 209, which has effectively abolished affirmative action in California. Prop 211 was going to give lawyers a chance to make some more money, but luckily the folks around here decided that lawyers didn't really need any more excuses. And then there were the two health care propositions...

Sigh... So perhaps the elections here in California weren't all that interesting after all. See what I mean?

The song says that "you can't always get what you want... but if you try sometimes, you get what you need". If this is the government that you need, perhaps we should try harder to get what we want next time.