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Random Ideas 2

Hey kids!
Skipster here. Wasn't in the mood for maintaining one thought for an entire column. So here's another episode of random thoughts from beyond the fringe.

  • Music has gotten so boring lately, thank God for the ubergirlz.
  • If ever you find yourself about to enter a long distance relationship... do yourself a favor and cut your own heart out, it's far less painful in the long run.
  • "We roar just like lions but we sacrifice like lambs..." is that genX in a nutshell or what?
  • A friend of mine just ended a relationship and now realizes that all women are hopelessly psychotic wenches. Another has just found out that all men are pathetic lying scumbags. Sort of proves what I've been saying about people in general for a long time.
  • Football...gooood
  • If you're trying to market soccer in this country, showing ads calling it Real Football really isn't the way to go.
  • Have I mentioned that I don't have cable? Does that cheapen me in your eyes? Would it help if I said I don't read much anyway?
  • I drive a red Geo Metro 3-cylinder. I call it the Ubergeo. Am I just kidding myself here?
  • This is for my homie in New Hampshire or Vermont or one those cold northeastern states, "When are we going to see a reunion tour of The Public Hairs?"
  • My new bumper sticker - F**K CENSORSHIP
  • One thought after my first trip to a nude beach - just because you can take your clothes off does not mean you should take your clothes off.
  • You know, it doesn't matter that they started out four and O. I always knew they were still my beloved Colts underneath.
  • Let me get this straight, it took people a hundred and however many years to realize baseball is a really boring spectator sport?
  • The elections are over and Dole has been put out to pasture. Wasn't this all a lot more exciting in '92?
  • I was all psyched to go see "Courage Under Fire", now I find out that Meg Ryan gets killed in it. MEG RYAN KILLED? You don't kill Meg, not even in jest. Some things you just don't screw with.
  • Next time you're in the video store, be sure to pick up Buffy the Vampire Slayer it may even make you like Luke Perry, it's just that good.
  • New drinking game, any time someone is caught using a pop culture reference everyone has to drink. One drawback/benefit, it usually plays best over long periods of time.
  • You know what I love most about Punk, it always was about money. You don't hear anyone whining about the Sex Pistols reuniting just for a buck. All of the true Pistols' fans knew that it was just a matter of time.
  • If you are ever in Mountain View, stop by Cafe Mezzaluna for an Americana, it's a little bit of heaven.
  • It is now official, the Dream Team has become a tiresome, pointless, charade. Can we really get all that excited about winning the gold this year?
  •'s money baby, check it out.

That about wraps it up for this one minions. See ya.


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