Volume 1, Number 5 -- December, 1996

Return of the Drunk Tank

by Dean Shutt

As many of our loyal followers know, we began life as The Drunk Tank, a webpage dedicated to beer, music and antisocial attitudes. When we decided to expand our horizons and become SCROOMtimes, we always had the idea that The Tank would return someday. With that in mind we are proud to announce that The Drunk Tank is back, albeit as a slightly different animal. We want The Drunk Tank to be a column devoted each month to the oft-neglected sport of relaxation. We will talk about beers, wines, spirits, cigars and the places you can find them. What makes The Tank different from our other columns is that we ask you to help us by sharing your favorite leisure experiences with our readers. We feel that is no reason for anyone to be caught far from home without access to a fine cigar and a good glass of scotch. So, without further delay, here is our first installment of the new and improved Drunk Tank.

The British Bankers Club is located at the corner of El Camino Real and Santa Cruz Avenue in Menlo Park, CA. If you like high energy dance music or multi-colored drinks then you should by all means avoid the BBC. The BBC boasts some of the most comfortable bar seating in the entire Bay Area. Deep leather armchairs, velvet couches, large brass ash trays and plenty of small tables combine to make the BBC an instantly familiar environment. It is as though you traveled back in time to when people had libraries where the men could retire for brandy and cigars - it is dark, it is unassuming, it is comfortable.

The bar is a two story affair with the upper floor given over to cigar and pipe smoking. The lower floor is where much of the singles action takes place, (not that there is a whole lot of singles action at the BBC) and is also connected to the tobacconists next door. The BBC also sells cigars on the premises, but trust me, bring your own. It isn't that they don't have fine cigars there mind you, it's just that I believe you should always bring your own cigar. Of course here you can cheat by visiting the tobacco shop next door if you arrive early enough.

As far as beer and spirits go, the BBC is adequately stocked. They have several very good beers on tap, Samuel Adams and Bass Ale for example, and a wider selection in bottles. They have two bars, one upstairs (so you don't have to leave your cigar) and one downstairs. The downstairs bar is the larger and better stocked of the two, but both should be able to provide you with just about anything you need.

The food at the BBC is bar food with an English cast. The prices are reasonable and the food itself is fairly tasty. You don't come to BBC to eat though, you come to the BBC to sit back and relax in a nice quiet bar with a fine cigar in your hand.

When all is said and done, the BBC is a man's place. Oh you will see women there, and for that we are thankful. When a man walks into the BBC though, he is immediately comfortable and at ease, and in this world of blurred gender roles and political correctness, a few places for men are welcome.

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