Volume 2, Number 1 -- January, 1997


I sit alone
bubble-gum on the radio
Barefoot girls dance in high school gyms
while the guys are cool on the walls
I feel as though I should rebel
but all the causes are sellouts
I speak at walls with faces
and get only nods and shrugs in return
How did it happen
When did it all change
Where along the way
did I become old enough to be my father
I've been here but two decades
yet I feel nearly dead
The secrets all at my fingers
though I still can't buy a beer
So I write
and dream
Yes I still dream
it's an incurable condition
Always thinking of a better land
even if there's no evidence of it
There have been signs
Someone who will talk
and listen
A song you can hum
and sing with
I've not surrendered yet
I'll rage on
against paper foes
and ghosts of what I thought was real
Maybe I'll even find cause
to believe in dreams again
perhaps then they won't run away each morning
I don't know what's ahead
and that's how it should be
no expectations
no disappointments
very simple
There are even times
when I see myself
Cool on the wall
watching them all dance
Waiting for a slow one
and a barefoot girl
who knows the words
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