Volume 2, Number 4 -- April, 1997

To You Scroomers...

 Welcome! Now that we've been around for a while, we thought we'd share some of the e-mails that we have had pouring in. If you want to send us something, please do. You can reach us at: editors@scroom.com, or, if you wish to contact our staff directly:
Andy Wallace (publisher) andyw@scroom.com
Dean Shutt (editor in chief) deans@scroom.com
Dave Lind davel@scroom.com
Tony Han tonyh@scroom.com
Skippy skippy@scroom.com
The Professor prof@scroom.com
Now, on to the letters!
Hi, my name is Nydia. I heard a lawyer joke that you don't have, here goes:
Q. Why do they use rats in lab experiments?
A. Because lawyers are too expensive.
What is she talking about? You don't know? Our "parent", the original Drunk Tank, has a collection of many lawyer jokes. Actually, two collections:

Long.form Lawyer Jokes

Short-form Lawyer Jokes

Check 'em out, and enjoy!
dear skippy
i am one of the generation you rant about. 47 year old coffee house owner offering computers and internet access. i am also as of this date a serious fan. your insights are pointed but humorous. you are your generations Will Rogers or Mark Twain. Hope to someday see you in published print.
Your letter to Bob Dole was very well put. I could not agree more and you put my feelings into words for me. Thank You
Ronald Nye
Skippy is always happy to help someone else say the words that they are too much of a weenie to say themselves.
Well I liked it
Ok, we liked it too. But what was it?
If you're inclined to put a link to my Jaco site, that would be really great. If not, that's OK too. In any case, check it out:

An informative site featuring a comprehensive discography, videography, bibliography, musical transcriptions, and other items pertaining to Jaco Pastorius.

Best wishes
Thanks, Tom - you have a pretty cool memorial to a great musician. To all of you out there, this is in response to a wonderful little history of Jaco that appeared in Our 1.3 issue, written by michaeldamianjeter. Check it out!
Check it out!
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