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Volume 3, Number 8
August, 1998

Favorite Alliance
by mark p.

"You will give us peace, Lord, because everything we have done was by your power."
-- Isaiah 26:12

favorite alliance, priceless reliance,
power better than the challenging thunder
i am not an army, i am not a fleet,
i am not regimental dressup, sweatshop,
do-it-myself war

i press the point and the point is pressed deep
within my need for attention,
i am not the point, i am not the spearhead,
i am not pinnacle assault, resolve,
do-it-myself preach

reliance is peace, alliance is complete,
leaning on arms of everlast,
my sinew stretches inches
while heaven?s hands grasp the universe

You create the power challenged by thunder,
You war for peace and not possession,
You are the warrior-Lamb lying with the lion,
You are the Child who plays with the python,
You war for peace-
do-it-Yourself peace.
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