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Volume 4, Number 7
July, 1999

SCROOMtimes Does the Bay to Breakers

by a special report by Skippy

Well folks, as promised, here is the second part of the SCROOMtimes appearance at this year s Bay to Breakers. Last month we showed you the building of the Bay to Breakers Alcohol Delivery System (BADS). This month you get to see it in action as well as the many fans that our little magazine won that day.

Sylvia and Dean
Sylvia and Dean complete their all important pre-race preparations.

The whole Gang!
L to R Tami, Dave, Colton, Another Dave, Andy, Sylvia and Dean w/ the BADS

Is Skippy here? Four unidentified young ladies invite yours truly in for a dip.

Yes! Yes he is!
Could it be??? Yes!!! It is Skippy!!! My cocoanuts are swelling!!!

iThe Gang
Finally , a picture with Tony (waving) in it.

Ah sweet victory, a successful day for your SCROOMers.
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