Welcome to the New SCROOMtimes!

Welcome, welcome, welcome! I'm sure that you all have noticed that we were "off air" for a while. It was a rough summer, I tell you. But, as you can now see, we took the time off to do a little re-design of the magazine. We think it's easier to find your way around, and lets you (our faithful reader) focus on what's important - the writing! And besides, we think it's really cool, too! Let us know what you think!

And welcome to a new issue! It's October, and the San Francisco Bay area is just coming out of a wonderful Indian Summer. Personally, I'm not ready for winter, but no-one asked me, so I guess I'd better get used to it. Colder and Darker is on the way....

So, I think the proper thing to do is to cozy up to your monitor, and have a good read! May I suggest the SCROOMtimes this month? Skippy continues on his Countdown to the Election Year, taking on the Republican front-runner, George W. Bush. The Geek Lord is finally revealing his true stripes as a computer gamer, and Fiona is making excuses.

Unfortunately, Dave Lind has decided to go on strike for higher wages. Fortunately, our editor-in-chief was able to negotiate a settlement... check out the details in this month's Cheap Seats column. The settlement was good enough that Dave also provided us with an extra special Cheap Seats column, in the Features section. As an extra anniversary treat, we've dug up Skippy's very first column. You can find that in the features section and see how much he's improved with age (maybe he'll leave me alone now).

And, for those football fans who wondered how Dave and Dean's attempt to sway the football gods went, check out Fun and Games. The results might surprise you. Or at least, amuse you!

This month also brings the return of an old favorite, Greg Tennant. His short story "Warm Day" is also in our feature section this month. Plus, he has some more good news about his excellent film, "The Distraction". I'll let him tell it:
Dear friends of "The Distraction":

Our movie has been invited to the Fort Worth Film Festival, in the wildlands of Texas. They aim to show it two times, Friday, October 22nd at 6 p.m. and Saturday, October 23 at 10 p.m. at the Caravan of Dreams theater in Sundance Square.

This square is NOT named for Robert Redford's film festival that just about nobody can get into, nor for his forthcoming chain of cineplexes. It is in fact where the original Sundance Kid, the one before Robert Redford, used to come and hang out. That's what they say.

The Caravan of Dreams theater is on the second floor above a blues club. The other theaters showing films in this festival are all right close by. It sounds like a cool place.

Fort Worth is only 30 or so miles from Dallas (in fact they actually run into each other quite a bit), and 3 or so hours from Austin, from what I can figure. If you know anyone in Texas, or are planning to be there any time soon, please spread the word that our film will be on. You have our permission to forward this e-mail as you see fit.

The theater address is 312 Houston Street, and the festival information line is 817-237-1008. They also plan to have a web page up pretty soon, http://fortworthfilmfest.com
So there you have it - we're back on-line, and we hope that you like it! Let us know what you think - the "Contact" button to the left will take you to a page wherein you can send us comments, and even subscribe (for free, of course).

Andrew CM Wallace, Publisher
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