Elian is back with his father.

You can't believe how happy I am about that. Am I pro-Castro? No. Am I pro-Communist? Hell no! On the other hand, I am anti-embargo, and those freaks down in Miami make me nervous. I mean, what's with these guys? Do they think that somehow, when Castro goes away, they will be magically transported down to Havana, and the keys to their ancestral estate will be handed to them? Or are they just so blinded by rage that they don't want ANYthing to happen that might put Cuba in a good light? These folks are crazy, no matter which is true.

In my opinion, the best thing that we as a country could do, would be to lift the embargo against Cuba. American companies would flood in, the people would get better jobs, more money, and McDonalds wouldn't be too far behind. How long do you think that Castro can hold up under the assault of Ronald McDonald? He'd get buried in a barage of Big Macs and Happy Meals.

I mean really. Here's Cuba, a tiny island that's close enough to Miami that folks are considering taking windsurfers there. The people are fairly well-educated, and their infant mortality rate is better than some 1st world countries. Yet, if I flew to Havana tomorrow, bought a sandwich in the airport, and caught the next plane out, I could, under US law, be fined for a huge amount of money, and even thrown in jail.

On the other hand, there's China. A huge country, known to have nuclear weapons. They have a far worse human rights record than Cuba, they are openly antagonistic towards one of our major trading partners (Taiwan), have forcibly taken over a peaceful people, killing thousands, and destroying an entire religious civilisation (Tibet), yet we're considering giving them Most Favored Nation trade status. Arguing to get them into the WTO.

Yepper, it's nuts. Yo! Bill! Yeah, you, Clinton. You want to set up a lasting legacy for your name? Wanna make Monica the tiny footnote that she ought to be? No, you can't go back in time and actually own up to the relationship from the beginning, the way you should have in the first place. But, lift the embargo against Cuba, tell Helms and Burton to take a hike, and THAT would set you up for a nice comfortable spot in the hall of American presidents. Otherwise, you're gonna be stuck in the back, where the maid won't get around to dusting you off but once every few weeks.

But then, that's just my opinion.

Andrew Wallace
Publisher, SCROOMtimes
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