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All about Beer

Many people drink beer, but here at SPMBNC we expect more from our members. For us it isn't just about drinking beer. After all, any Major League sports fan is capable of drinking beer.

Here at the SPMBNC we are all about quality. At least in regards to our beer. The quality of the sporting event is another matter altogether, but then we can't control that can we?

We can however control the beer that we drink, and to do that you need knowledge. Knowledge of brewing...

knowledge of the local pubs...

knowledge of beer in general...

SPMBNC is here to help...

Follow the links below to learn everything you need to know to become a quality beer drinker.

If you know of any other Minor League Sites, or perhaps better ones than we were able to find, send them to the SPMBNC

Dean Shutt
Managing General Partner for Life

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