One with Scroom-ness. Or "Everything eventually becomes One... and then Scroom runs over it"

 As one of the original associates to this ambitious endeavor, let me add a few words about what I believe is our intent. Yes, there are magazines out there as there are Home-pages. But our calling did not originate in the halls of great Liberal Arts schools, attempting to connect scholarly writers with the world, or even as part of the once-hushed masses of computer geeks, yearning to be heard. No, we originated in the Drunk Tank and let no one forget that. From our inception to the crumbling end (which will probably occur when we realize that this thing might take actual WORK), we must never take our hand from our beer mug. For those who can see what we're trying to accomplish and understand our views; I'm sorry, but you're doomed. But we are looking for talent, so contact us.

The Scroomabomber Manifesto

The first question you have to ask when considering a project like SCROOMtimes is why? Why, when there are already literally thousands of magazine titles currently in print, start another magazine? A magazine that isn't even printed but is delivered electronically. Why do we, your faithful minions here at the times, think we have anything more to offer to the world of literature. The answer to that question lies in the story of a friend of mine. This friend of mine used to be a writer. Oh, he was never published or anything like that, but he turned out some fairly impressive poetry before he outgrew his artist years. The thing I always wondered was, what if he hadn't hung it up? What if he could have had an audience to respond to his words? Any writer will tell you that the worst part about writing is all of it. Sitting down in front of that blank piece of paper or empty screen is the worst feeling in the world. It is incredibly hard to do that over and over again if you know that no one will ever see what you produce.

The fact of the matter is, it is very hard to get published nowadays. For every magazine that hits the stands, there are a thousand writers sending in stories. What we hope to do here at SCROOMtimes is to provide an avenue for talented individuals to get their words before an audience, and that is really all any writer could ask. Because we are electronic, we print more stories than a regular magazine is able to do. Because we don't have printing costs or transportation costs (or for that matter salary costs), we are able to take some chances on writers that other magazines wouldn't dream of taking. We are going to be trying some extremely different things here in the future. Some of them you will like, some you will despise. The wonderful thing about our magazine is that if you think you can do better, then by all means, please do. Putting this beast out once a month takes a lot of material!

enjoy your flight,

dean shutt
andrew wallace
tony han