Last Modified: Oct 1, 1995

East Meets West

Here's a handy guide for those of us who have to deal with customers (or coworkers) on the opposite coast.

East Coast West Coast
absolutely not maybe
yes maybe
action item by tomorrow for ... ...'s working on the problem
bozo subcontractor
brawl design review
dictator RSM
do it and do it now! can you sign up for this program?
do it now or you're fired I'm confident you'll get it done
fuck off trust me
where's the spec? what's a spec?
get out of my office let's get a consensus on this one
s/he's a jerk s/he's not signed on to our plan
s/he's a subordinate s/he's not a team player
I'll cover your ass consider me your resource
ignore her/him, s/he's new I'm bringing her/him up to speed
local bar offsite facility
meet me in the parking lot let's take that discussion off line
oh, shit! thanks for bringing that to my attention
overdesigned robust
punch his lights out constructive confrontation
shut the fuck up thank you for your input
shut up a minute let me share this with you
that's totally incompetent let me build on that point
under budget we haven't started yet
what's your problem? I certainly understand your feelings
where's the support plan? where's the support plan?
your support plan sucks let me share my feelings on the support plan
unemployed consulting
over budget on schedule
we're done how do you feel about that?
we finished early (no translation available)

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