Last Modified: Jan 2, 1996

A French Lesson of the Practical Kind...

s'agiter le poireau to agitate the leek
s'astiquer la baguette to polish one's baguette
s'allonger le macaroni to enlongate one's macaroni
faire cinq contre un to do five against one
se faire une douce to do oneself a sweet thing
epouser la veuve Poignet to marry the widow Wrist
etrangler Popaul to strangle Popaul
faire sauter la cervelle a Charles-le-Chauve to blow out the brains of Charles the Bald
faire glouglouter le poireau to make one's leek gurgle
gonfler son andouille to swell one's sausage
grimper au mat de cocagne to climb up the greasy pole
se faire mousser le createur to make one's creator foam
se secouer le bonhomme to shake one's good-natured man
s'en taper une to treat oneself to one
se tutoyer to be on familiar terms with oneself

Shamelessly lifted from More Street French by David Burke, as I understand.

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