Volume 2, Number 1 -- January, 1997

From the Editors
 Welcome to January, and the first issue of the SCROOMtimes for 1997! We've got some cool new ideas for this year - let us know what you think! Send e-mail to us at editors@scroom.com .
This month, our fearless film reviewer takes on Romeo and Juliet. Dave Lind gives his opinions and pick for the upcoming Superbowl, and the Professor looks at the future of the NFL. Skippy weighs in with a little missive on Valentine's day (only a few short weeks away - you ready, guys?)
In the "Not Your Average SCROOM" section, we have a humorous piece by Dean Shutt called Eulogy. A new contributor is Bob Phillips, weighing in with a strange little piece called Rats Live on No Evil Star.
We have a new poet in the house! Check out the works of Jason Bell - Have Been, Training Day One and Wicked and Witty. Definitely worth a look, and I think we'll be seeing him again! Our own Dean Shutt has been strapped to his poetry chair, and has a couple of new ones to give you as well - Her and Joy.
Skippy's new logo was designed and implemented by Michael W. Christy . You can catch more of his cool work at http://home.earthlink.net/~mwchristy. Check it out!

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