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Volume 2, Number 11
December, 1997

View From the Cheap Seats Unanswered Questions

by Dave Lind

 Some questions I would like to have answered.
  1. Why does Davey Johnson continue to get fired?
  2. Why doesn't Joe Bugel?
  3. Why does Don Nelson continue to get hired?
  4. Why doesn't Sherm Lewis?
  5. How silly does Peter Angelos feel running Davey Johnson out of town on the day was named AL Manager of the year?
  6. Does Bob Kraft feel just as silly about Bill Parcells?
  7. Why does Bill Cowher insist on yanking one of the game's top running backs out of the game on third down?
  8. How do the Raiders look so good in beating the Broncos and so bad in losing to the Saints?
  9. Can I see Warren Moon's birth certificate?
  10. What is it that Mike Ditka sees on Heath Shuler that the rest of us are missing?
  11. Doesn't the fact that Green Bay (8-2) is, by all accounts, not playing up to their standards scare the hell out you?
  12. Can anyone else but me hear the floor creaking underneath the Cowboys?
  13. Does anybody really buy the 'Returning to their Roots' spin Bud (Interim Commissioner-for-life) Selig is putting on the Brewers move to NL?
  14. Is there anyone left alive who doubts Evander Holyfield?
  15. With or without an offensive line, isn't it just a gas to watch Barry Sanders run?
  16. Does anybody really blame Jim Harbaugh for taking a shot at Jim Kelly?
  17. Can someone explain the New York Giants to me?
  18. Isn't it time we promote get the Forty Niners out of the NFC west and promote them to the NFL?
  19. Do you think Neil O'Donnell is starting to worry a bit?
  20. Why won't the Oilers just bite the bullet and change their team name?
  21. Or are they reluctant to separate themselves from their rich heritage?
  22. Whatever happened to Jeff Blake?
  23. Seeing how Rodney Peete has performed, is it any wonder why Ray Rhodes loves Ty Detmer?
  24. How many quarterbacks does Arizona have it their roster?
  25. Judging by talent alone, shouldn't the Giants and Bears just swap records?
  26. Is anyone surprised to see the Saints, Falcons, and Rams with a combined record of 7-23?
  27. Except for those of you who thought it might be worse?
  28. How much of an effect has the loss of Parcells had on the Patriots?
  29. Or should we just ask the Jets?
  30. What was stupider? Billy Jo(ke) Hobert not reading his play book, or his admitting to the same in front of a battery of reporters?
  31. Would anybody snicker if Marv Albert were ever again to refer to a player quote as a 'sound bite'?
  32. Would anyone notice if Stan Humphries retired?
  33. Shouldn't that answer his question of whether or not he should?
  34. Is there any doubt which uniform Marcus Allen should wear upon his certain induction into the Hall of Fame?
  35. Is it too early to start selling tickets to the Denver-Green Bay Super bowl?
  36. Or should we check with Jacksonville first?
  37. Is it even possible to hate Tampa Bay?
  38. How?
  39. Isn't this the longest Jeff Hostettler has gone without an injury in a long time?
  40. Remember when Carolina used to be good?
  41. Is there an award for best decision to NOT fire a coach?
  42. If there was, shouldn't Minnesota win?
  43. If we lived in a just world, wouldn't Dan Marino be throwing passes to the Lion's receivers, Barry Sanders be running behind the Cowboy's offensive line, and Jerry Jones be pushing a hot dog cart in Little Rock, Arkansas?
  44. Or do I now owe an apology to all you hot dog cart owners out there?
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