Get Your
The SCROOMtimes
T-shirts Here!

 Yes, you heard right! SCROOMtimes t-shirts are available now! We use Hanes Beefy(tm) 100% cotton tees, in natural, with a two color design. You can either get the "Wanna SCROOM?" shirt, or the SPMBNC shirt, designed by our hard-working staff.
 Improve your wardrobe now, with a SCROOMtimes tee! Only $20US - that includes shipping and handling, because we think it's stupid to have it seperate... Send your cashier's check or money order, made out to "Andy Wallace" to:
SCROOMtimes T-Shirts Offer
1918 Maryland St
Redwood City, CA

 Please specify what size you want (L, XL). (I swear that we'll have a form up here soon!
 Sorry, no international orders at this time (we're working on it, I swear!)
 One of our staff (we won't mention your name, Tony) wanted to charge $19.99 for the shirts, but we decided that was a weenie price. And these are no weenie shirts! So order yours now.
 Your SCROOMtimes Staff