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Volume 2, Number 11
December, 1997

Cat Feet Flashing
by Sringel

Cat feet flashing
trying to capture
the stick I am dragging
through the lawn.

I am faster
with my superior position
but I'd hate to be
the snake
that these cats think
this stick's tip is.

Pink Floyd is crooning
through the open door
here into my back yard,
"if you're alone
I'll come home"
while I wander back in
to construct a
sturdy lunch sandwich
picking one of the seasons
last lush tomatoes fresh
off of the vine so fine.

Cedar cat stalks cautiously
across the lawn
to see what I am about;
the dog barking suddenly
from the next yard
startles him
and he hunkers down
into immobility
until we both realize
it's only the ritual
postman alert.
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