Volume 2, Number 2 -- February, 1997

From the Editors

 Well, now it's February. The month of love, as well as the month of screwed-up holidays. Remember when we celebrated Lincoln's birthday and Washington's birthday? now it's just "President's Day", and seems so meaningless... but I digress. Welcome to the second issue of this, our second year!
Well, Skippy is back, to tell all you women what we (men, that is) are really all about.. We have a guest movie reviewer, digging into a gem from the past, Cabinboy. I personally can't stand Chris Elliot, but there's no accounting for taste, eh? In From the Cheap Seats, Dave Lind has some thoughts on the upcoming Tyson/Holyfield fight. Our local sports curmudgeon, the Professor, rates the crop of new coaches in the NFL.
In the Drunk Tank, your intrepid Scroomers tackle a local (San Jose) night club, and the more general problem of what happens when your favorite little place gets popular.
And, in another leap forward, we have added a letters to the editor section, To You Scroomers. Here is where we will be putting the best, funniest, weirdest, or most upsetting letters that we get from you, the SCROOMtimes reader. So, pop us off a line!
In our features section, our own Dean Shutt weighs in with another attempt to define our culture, entitled If You Have Mousse... Use it!. On a more serious note, we have two very nice pieces of fiction, The Visitation and The Admirer. I think you might like these...
And last, but not least, we have a couple of new poets here. Please try out the works of Betty (first aid) and Susanna Garrett (Fire Poems and For Gary Thompson - May 1990. Tell me if you like them...
Now, get out there and read!
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