Volume 2, Number 3 -- March, 1997

From the Editors

Hi there, ho there!
Welcome back to the SCROOMtimes, the magazine with the most! Most what, we're not sure, but whatever it is, we got more of it than anyone.
This month for example, our own Dave Lind takes a look at Jose Canseco's triumphant return to the Oakland A's in A View from the Cheap Seats, while The Professor talks about the wonders of Spring Training (can you tell that baseball fever is hitting the editorial offices of the 'times?).
Our fearless movie reviewer, Tony Han, ignores the Oscars, and tells us about a video release of a gem from Hong Kong, Wong Kar-Wai's "Chungking Express" in You Gotta See This.
We let Skippy out of his closet long enough to tell us some of his thoughts on politics, and our old buddy Pelican Smith is back, with a word on How Geeks Get Laid, on The BackPage.
In the area of fiction, we have two local pieces (where are YOUR contributions?). First up is To Thine Own Self Be True, from our own Dean Shutt, and next is The Raft from Dave Lind. And, we invited poet Susanna Garrett back, and she came, with A Poem For Poul Who Doesn't Really Like Poems, and Trevor in Blue Jeans.
Now, for even more exciting stuff - we have some new columnists lined up! But these will require a little bit from you all. First off, we will have Dr. Maris Willingham, Bitch Therapist. You got problems? Dr. Maris will fix you right up! Send in your problems to her at bitch_therapist@scroom.com.
More as they come in! So, keep those cards and letters coming, we love you all!
Your Scroomers
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