Volume 2, Number 4 -- April, 1997

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Ready Ovations

The Lights beckon,
And I follow with the empty consolation
Of understanding.
Sound surrounds me,
Flashing and spinning with
The urgency of desires.

She stands Oh so close
Looking onwards,
The atmosphere dazzled by her presence.
And we are parted constantly,
Yet I never lose sight
Of what I want,
Shadowed by what I need.

I see her through the masking
Twists of glass
Filled with alcoholic enlightment.
And there will always be time.
"I know better,"
But that's always followed by
'Don't be bitter."
And I've lost -- for the moment.

And for every face that
Dazzled the imagination,
Yours returns with the force of
Hoped recognition.
And I live to the last moment
In a melancoly daze and stupor,
Till the curtain of light closes
And I know no
Andy Ladd
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