Volume 2, Number 5 -- May, 1997

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The BackPage

Offensive Top Ten #1

 In the finest backpage tradition, we are proud to present;

The Top Ten Reasons we prefer Heroin Junkies to Fundamentalists
10) Heroin Junkies don't kill people for using other drugs
9) Heroin Junkies only steal enough to support their habit
8) You can conclusively prove the existence of Heroin
7) Heroin Junkies don't browbeat others into trying Heroin
6) Heroin Junkies die earlier
5) Heroin Junkies demand performance from their drug
4) Heroin Junkies don't make their children use it
3) Heroin Junkies don't sing
2) Heroin Junkies are more likely to seek treatment
1) You can reason with a Heroin Junkie
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