Volume 2, Number 6 -- June, 1997

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A Taste

For a few days I camped at Juniper lake.
For a few moments I tasted Juniper lake;

as I stood upon a cliff
the blue waters below,
the sun drying the sweat from the steep uphill climb,
the manzanita crunching under my hiking boots,
the air, fragrant with the smell of pines, warming in the sun,

As I dove into the cool
cool water,
and caught my breath,
could hardly breath,
and even felt,
a tinge,
just the slightest,
of fear,
could I really swim accross,
or would tho cold envelope me?
No, it only asked me to give into it,
to accept its coolness,
its clarity,
and I did.

As I glided,
that soft quiet water,
the moolinlight creating shadows,
and I listened
to the gentle dipping
of the paddles,
and the sweet voice of my daughter

And Finally,
As I walked alone
along a bluff,
above a crystal lake,
a place where weather must hit hard,
trees only live in the crevasses in the rocks,
where soil has gathered,
and yet
they still must drill their mighty roots
into the rocks,
I felt the excitement of the mountains,
the fear of reality -
when you are all alone-
only one-
amongst so many-
The power
of being
only one-
amongst so many.

Just a bite I had.
A small
delicious bite.

....unfortunately the mosquitoes had many more bites then I!

Elizabeth Herron
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