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Volume 2, Number 8
August, 1997

From the Editors
Happy Birthday to Us!
Happy Birthday to Us!
Happy Damned Birthday, we're a Year old today!
Happy Birthday to Us!

 That's right, friends, this is our one year anniversary. Pretty incredible, ain't it? Well, that's because we're pretty incredible. If you don't believe me, check this issue out:
 Our flagship writer, Skippy, has a happy essay on sexual harassment. Not that he's for it or anything... Check out Skippy's Guide to Life and Eternal Happiness.
 Skippy's female compatriot, Fiona has finally found a club she can call her own - the Heartless Bitches Club. Want to hear all about it? Check out Fiona Jane Speaks Out.
 Pelican Smith, our own Geek Lord, discusses paranoia and the internet. An excellent combination - lookies and (basically) free publishing! We are beginning to wonder about the boy, though. See why in Tales of the Geek Lord.
 Tony Han, our movie-goer extraordinaire, pulled himself out of the theatre long enough to tell us what he thought of the two hottest action movies of the summer - Men in Black and Face-Off. See what he thought in You Gotta See This!.
 Dean Shutt, Mr Fun and Games himself, takes a page from Skippy's book, and has a little rant about a nationally known sporting goods store. I guess we can write them off as an advertiser... Fun & Games.
 Dave is off on his honeymoon, the bastard, instead of writing his column, like he's supposed to. Well, the best we could do for our View from the Cheap Seats is a picture of Dave and his new bride at their wedding. You can see that at A View from the Cheap Seats.
 The Professor is feeling the excitement - another football season is starting. He has a few tips for those of you who want to start it right. You MUST read The Professor.
 Greg Tennant's serial fiction piece is back for it's third installment of four. Check it out in Blood Poisoning - Part III. In case you missed the earlier parts, here they are:
Blood Poisoning - Part I
Blood Poisoning - Part II

 And an old contributor has shown his face again! We welcome John Mertz back, as he weighs in with another horror piece called Hunting Season. Check it out!
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