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Volume 2 , Number 10
October , 1997

by Dean Shutt

it used to be so simple
back before love
before you
a few words on paper
a bit of literary magic
and how they would swoon
it is so very easy
to write of love
when you've none in your heart
it's so very simple
to speak of love
when you have none in your heart
then came you
the magic went away
the words disappeared
if only words would do
if only i could say
how can you tell someone
all that they mean
the place that they hold
if i must throw away all that i care for
to keep your love
i would do so gladly
you have changed me so
without you
i would be someone altogether different
if you leave
the man you have known
will be destroyed and replaced
perhaps better
perhaps worse
he will remember though
he will know in his soul
he has loved
he was loved
and it mattered
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