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Volume 2 , Number 10
October , 1997

by Dean Shutt

it's funny really
how you adapt
your standards change
truth be told
there was a time
when i could not eat alone
times change
now the meal brings solitude
a chance to reflect
oh there are rough patches
when trapped without a book
or a companion
i am forced then
to be truly alone
nothing but my thoughts to accompany me
i miss you some then
like the missing piece
to a very large puzzle
you know what the picture is
not much is missing
yet it isn't quite whole
yes day by day i am happy
well if not happy
then at least content
i've moved on you see
accepted life's terms
learned to reach within my grasp
i have built a life without you
and yet
not replaced you in it
i suppose i should be sad
or at the very least
pause for a moments reflection
i don't though
i stumble on
building my puzzle
content with the knowledge
that i've done quite well
while missing a piece
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