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Volume 2 , Number 10
October , 1997

by Dean Shutt

who would have thought
you would have such power
after so many years
all this time
all of my pain
all for nothing
don't you understand
i am over you
i've beaten those demons
i don't lie awake
til all hours of the night
dreaming of things that can never be
i don't think of you
of your laugh
of your soul
i don't give thought to love
and family
and forever
i don't need that anymore
i've my cynicism
and ready quips
i don't think of holding you
feeling you next to me
making the world right
i am beyond all of that now
beyond love
beyond you
i have moved on
i won't let my agonies be in vain
i won't let the demons win
soon the light will come
and i will throw on the mask
that hides my being from prying eyes
i will move through this life i've made
without you
without love
i will tell myself
i am a happy man
this night an aberration
i am over you
the promise of your love
holds no sway over me
then comes the darkness
the ticking clock
the laughing demons
i'll ask yet again
the question without answer
the mystery without a clue
how can still you have this power over me
when i am so obviously over you
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