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Volume 3, Number 12
December, 1998

The BackPage 5 Things NOT to do when Dating a Stripper

by Your SCROOMers

This month we are dealing with a topic that frankly, we never felt we would be faced with at the 'times. In the first place, anyone who has seen the staff pictures knows that we were not voted "Most Likely To Date a Stripper" in high school. In the second place, let's face it, we all know what you ought to do on a date with a stripper. Finally, we make it an editorial policy of this magazine not to anger strippers in any way, shape or form.

Unfortunately, one of our brethren somehow managed to get not only one, but two dates with a stripper and proceded to blow it up in a most ungainly fashion. With that in mind, we humbly submit...

5) Let her bring a friend who just got dumped
4) Tell her you have a cold
3) Discuss Literature
2) Your laundry

And the number 1 thing not to do on a date with a stripper

1) Buy that friend dinner....
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