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Hey Buddy...Wanna Buy a Book?

You know that here at the SCROOMtimes we love to write. (you didn't think we were paid to put this out did you?) We also love to read and we have found the best way to get a book is online.

You'll notice we didn't say "shop for a book", because frankly it's still more fun to cruise the aisles of our local bookstore than to point and click (besides, you can't hit on cute babes between the stacks at an internet bookstore).

But if you are looking to buy a book, then online is the way to go. You can be in and out and on your way in next to no time. Best of all you don't have to depend on some minimum wage flunkie knowing how to spell in order to find what you are looking for. Yes, online book buying is definitely the bomb, and you can't do any better than one of the fine merchants below... logo
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