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Volume 3, Number 3
March, 1998

To You Scroomers...

 It's mail time again! Don't forget that you can send mail to anyone here on the Staff - our addresses are on the Masthead. We love to hear from you!
Onto your letters!

Your Clinton Editorial

Amen! Hell, it sounds more and more as though it went like this:
  • Monica has a "thing" for Clinton.
  • She kept hanging around the West Wing trying to bump into him.
  • Monica gets bounced out due to poor job performance, and lands at the Pentagon.
  • Tripp meets her, and they chat about Monica's experience at the White Hose
  • Monica has a need to brag about, and inflate, her contact with C
  • Tripp is on a witch hunt, in order to write a book, and follows her publisher(Goldberg)'s advice to get Monica on tape.
  • Tripp gets Monica to chat about her liaison, draws her out, gives her an audience to brag to.
  • Tripp alerts Starr
  • Jones's lawyers subpoena Monica
  • Monica runs to Clinton ( for what? Maybe to blurt out that she is scared shitless -- her fantasizing has gotten them both into serious trouble. Maybe he advises her to tell the truth that there was no relationship, but she can't tell Tripp THAT because then she'd be telling Tripp she'd been lying -- so, she tells Tripp C TOLD HER TO SAY THERE WAS NO RELATIONSHIP)
  • Monica certifies in an afidavit that there was no relationship
  • Tripp goes to Starr
  • Starr sends Tripp back to Monica with a wire
  • Starr's role is more to serve as a news-leak provider than a special prosecutor, and the word gets out to NewsWeak (which sits on it) and the Drudge Report (which does not).
  • News media (particularly radio and TV, who now have to get ratings just like any other show) go nuts
  • A rich, over-imaginative little girl is in WAY over her head, and the American public is just too ready to believe that Clinton is "once again" screwing around.

Abraxas Pool

I read your review about Abraxas Pool's album. I think you are pretty much on the mark. I am a loyal Santana fan and have been since I could remember listening to music. He and his band(s) have forever laid the foundation to this certain sound. Every band that plays this style of music will always be judged by the standard that Santana set. I don't feel that Abraxas Pool has to find any kind of identity. Their sound is one and the same with Santana's. Remember that they were never "Carlos' backup band". They were Santana. Without them there probably would have never been a Carlos Santana (so easily identified within the music community) and vice versa. It is unfair to them as a band to even be considered as a "back up band". It just so happened that they (so long ago) decided to use the last name of the lead guitarist. Would Ed Van Halen have been so successful had he not had David Lee Roth, Michael Anthony, and his brother Alex? They too revolutionized a certain sound, but it was a band effort. Don't get me wrong, I'm not upset (nor should you care, since we don't even know each other) at your review. I went and saw Abraxas Pool at a nightclub about a year and a half ago (before the CD ever came out) and was blown away by their sound. They sounded just as good that night as they did when they were cutting vinyl over 29 years ago. They forever will be the founding fathers of this style of music. I just hope that they are somehow able to continue to make music together, so that we all may enjoy. See ya.


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