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Volume 3, Number 4
April, 1998

The BackPage The Worst Pickup Lines in History

by Your SCROOMers

 Well, there we were, 3 guys, out on the prowl, 80's dance music throbbing in the background...
 Suddenly, out of nowhere, Dave reminded us of his all-time worst pick-up line - "Did you know Williard Scott was the first Ronald McDonald?". And we were off and running, and the female population of the nightclub was once again safe...
  • Quiet bitch, I gotta knife.
  • You'll do...
  • You are the reason men masturbate.
  • You're the prettiest thing I've seen since I got out.
  • Didn't we meet at the clinic?
  • Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal savior?
  • Let me tell you about my grandchildren.
  • My wife would shit if she knew I was talking to you
  • Those pants really make your butt look big
  • Those are some fine child birthing hips you've got there.
  • Smile... never mind.
  • So, when are you due?
  • Hi, I'm Joey Buttafuco
  • You are much prettier than my wife
  • I have an erection!
  • I've had everyone else in your family, care to make it 100%?
  • I have a three inch penis
  • Want to see something swell?
  • Hi, I'm an engineer
  • I really liked you on "Cops"
  • Pull my finger
  • Are farts supposed to be lumpy?
  • This is the longest I've ever talked to a female without haggling
  • Laundry day?
  • One of the nice things about having a small penis is...
  • Did you know condoms are reusable?
  • Want to find out if size matters?
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