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Volume 3, Number 5
May, 1998

alice in office-land

by Marie Kazalia 95/98

day & night
merge with
wait & death

so does that mean
you're available?
since your boyfriend moved out--
asked the 900 lb young man

well your head isn't unattractive
this time of day
but the rest of you
is just a little too rotund
for me to work around

up to the office building fifth floor
elevator doors open
to the view of a spacious carpeted office
a large white rabbit hop-bounds toward me
my first few steps from the elevator
leaps his front feet-paws up onto my thigh
like a dog-greeting
eager to receive a petting--
I stroke the rabbit's head and soft ears
it turns
moves off distracted
sniffing along a wall board
near a potted plant

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