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Volume 3, Number 7
July, 1998

Fun & Games
Random Sporting Thoughts

By Dean Shutt

All right sports fans, here we go;

I'm not allowed to talk about Latrell Sprewell, Mark McGwire or Michael Jordan this month, hence the lack of a cohesive theme...thanks Andy, you're a prince.

The RHI (Roller Hockey International) will not play in 1998, but they have promised to return for 99. Major League Soccer and the WNBA are still alive and well...there is no God.

Has anyone noticed that Ken Griffey Jr. is on pace to shatter Maris' record as well? For my money, I'd much rather see Griff get it, something about his lack of whining about being a highly paid baseball star that just sits well with me.

I got suckered into watching the USA/Iran soccer match the other day. Suddenly our Olympic Hockey efforts don't seem so pathetic. At least our hockey coach wasn't advertising for a job before the tournament ended.

First the Braves get whacked by the Red Sox, then by the Yankees, the World Series should be pretty interesting this year.

I guess the Mariners have answered that whole pitching vs. hitting question once and for all.

Let's hear it for the Red Sox rotation, one superstar and a pack of retreads and they have this Sox fan dreaming of the postseason.

I've taken up golf again...see what happens when I don't have any roller hockey to watch in the summer.

Remember when Tiger Woods was going to win everything in sight? Wonder how this will affect the sale of Tiger Woods' club covers?

Inter-League just seems so pointless. You already have Red Sox-Yankees. Giants-Dodgers, Brewers-Cubs, how are you going to improve on those rivalries?

Peyton Manning is going to lead my beloved Colts to a playoff berth this season, bookmark this column and remember these words.

Michael Jordan is the Wayne Gretzky of the NBA. Sorry Andy. It had to be said.

The SCROOMtimes bar cart is even now in the design stage. We should have a finished prototype by the end of the summer.

Look for the SCROOMtimes to make an offer to purchase the Minnesota Vikings sometime this summer. At the last executive session we were able to come up with $49.32 in loose change, we figure we'll finance the rest.

Latrell, Latrell, Latrell, do you really think you're going to get that coaching gig now? Again, Sorry Andy. It had to be said.

I have finally figured out what is wrong with's reaaaaaally boring to watch and they don't have homeruns.

I've heard rumblings in the press that hockey is fading because the TV numbers are down. Gentlemen get a clue, you can't watch hockey on TV, never could, never will, hockey fans know this. Now FOX is finding it out.

I heard that Magic Johnson has (perhaps had would be more appropriate by the time this is published) his own talk show. One question, why?

You want a talk show? How about "The Latrell and PJ Comedy Hour," now that I would pay to watch. Sorry Andy. It was there.

Note to 49ers' fans - Sooner or later the house of cards that is your offensive line has got to collapse, my money is on it happening this season. Welcome to mediocrity folks.

Note to Raiders' fans - In case you were wondering, yes, your team is going to suck again this year. If you want a handy guide to how they are going to do each season, try this, if Al Davis is still associated with the Raiders, they are going to suck. Simple isn't it?

The USGA is looking at banning certain performance enhancing equipment. Next up, teeing off with one hand behind your back.

Don't you just wish that McGwire would just shut the hell up and hit the ball? Sorry Andy. He's ruining my summer.

My fantasy baseball team still sucks...

See you in thirty.
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