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Volume 4, Number 6
June, 1999

The Building of a Champion

A Special Report by Skippy

It was early one Saturday afternoon in March that I was awoken by an infernal noise from our garage. Now I am a reasonable man, but I work hard all week and on Saturdays I want my sleep. So I was not in the best of moods when I burst into the garage to see Dean, Andy, Tami, Dave, Tony and Sylvia unloading a large amount of wood from Andy's 4-runner. I was taken aback at all of these people in my home without my knowledge. I was confused that they were doing something that appeared to be work on a day of rest. But I was calm when I asked them what they thought they were doing in my garage, waking me up, on this, my day of rest. So imagine my surprise when Dean's only response to me was, "Would you please put some damn clothes on?"

So it happened that I learned My dimwitted cohorts were planning another shot at delivering SCROOMdrivers to the thirsty multitudes at the 1999 Bay to Breakers. Apparently I had missed the design stage completely and had walked in on the initial stages of construction. Anyone who has read our little ragazine in the past is aware of the sad and pathetic spectacle that the 1998 B to B was for the 'times. So, being a professional journalist, I was determined to chronicle this year's exploit from start to finish. If for no other reason than to have something to laugh about in my old age.

What follows then is a photographic record of the building of the SCROOMtimes Breakers Alcohol Delivery System (BADS for short) as viewed and recorded by yours' truly.

Assorted offal of the initial design session

BADS begins to take shape as Dean relaxes with a cold malt beverage

No sharp corners allowed as Dean sands down the BADS

Andy works on the all important back end of the BADS (note the homage to yours' truly on the front.)

Andy makes some final adjustments to the new and improved wheels of the BADS

Ah the joy of duct tape, Dean applies the finishing touches to the BADS

The BADS prepares for its inaugural cruise at the 1999 BAY to Breakers. From left to right, Dean, Andy, Tami, Dave, Colton (on Dave's back) and Sylvia (hitting on some guy, not pictured)

I learned much from the intrepid designers of the BADS. I learned about hard work, about learning from your mistakes, about working together as a team. But mostly I learned that it really isn't wise to give a pack of degenerate alcoholics power tools.

Next month, BADS at the Bay to Breakers, a photo journal.
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