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Volume 4, Number 6
June, 1999

Fiona Jane Speaks Out
Fiona Gets Serious

By Fiona Jane

Someone sent me an e-mail the other day with an attachment named 'bikini'. I thought it was going to be another one of those women stroking their tanned breast implants or someone with a great body wearing a bikini unfortunately superimposed with Rowan Atkinson's head, but instead it was a fat woman sitting in a bikini sipping a drink. A really fat woman sitting in a bikini sipping a drink.

It looks like a photo that someone has snapped in their backyard. You know, the kind you take of anything just to finish the film so you can get it developed and see the good ones at the beginning from a party. Then I looked closer and decided that the chain strapped red bikini and red shoes indicated that it was meant to look casual, maybe even sexy.

Each to their own, and while I don't find this woman attractive, I'm sure there are people out there who do. I read one of those trashy articles about a fat festival in America where skinny guys go in search of finding a woman that will eat and eat and eat until she is extremely obese. Apparently, that is a massive turn on for these guys known as 'feeders'.

Maybe it was a feeder who took this photo, who knows, but it got me thinking about whether this woman ever thought it would end up being sent all over the world for people to look at. I've forwarded it on to about 15 people and they in turn will probably do the same. The cruel thing is that it was sent to me and I sent it to others as a joke.

To laugh or be repulsed or motivated in some way because someone so fat isn't an uncommon reaction; I tested it at the office today. Imagine the reaction if instead of sending a photo of a woman with seemingly endless folds of plump dimpled skin that I'd sent a photo of an anorexic woman. A woman so painfully thin that her knee joints were by far the thickest part of her legs, just like a skeleton. It wouldn't be so funny then.

It would be very wrong to laugh at a photo of an anorexic, but it's just fine to laugh at a fat woman. In fact, you don't have to worry about fat peoples feelings at all. You've got to be really careful these days not to insult anyone based on sex, sexuality, race, marital status, physical or mental impairment etc etc but it's still just fine to laugh at someone because their fat. Hey, you should laugh at them, because they deserve it don't they? Greedy lazy fat people.

You probably know some of the fat jokes I know. Inside every skinny person there's a fat person trying to get out and inside every fat person there's seven people trying to get out. A fat chick is like a boogie board; a good ride, but you wouldn't want to be seen on one. Your mum is soooo fat...

I wonder why society is so harsh towards fat people. Is it because they eat a lot? They have no willpower, that must be it. They must be weak because they can't or don't want to control their body size and they have to dress quite badly because no-one bothers to make designer clothes in size 24. Making you squish up on public transport is yet another crime committed by fat people.

Enough sermonising. I've been cruel to people larger than me before and unfortunately I'll probably do it again. Ideally, I like to think that maybe I'll think about the woman in the red bikini and just think about how pathetic and shallow it is to make fun of someone like that before I open my big fat mouth.

love, Fiona
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