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I just read in the paper that Edwin Walker died. "Who is Edwin Walker?" you ask. Only one of the great minds of the 20th century! Edward Craven Walker was the inventor of the lava lamp. He spent a decade perfecting what became a symbol of the 1960's, and has started to spring up again as baby boomers and young hipsters snap them up to decorate their expensive lofts.
Once again, tacky reigns.
Interestingly, Mr Walker was also a nudist. He made films in in the late 50's promoting nudism ("Eves on Skis" and "Traveling Light"), and bought a club on the south coast of England which he turned into a nudist resort.
He also lived by the SCROOMtimes house motto, "just because you can get naked doesn't mean you should get naked". He caused a stir by trying to ban overweight nudists. "We are against all these fat fogies - it's not what naturism should be about," Mr. Walker declared.
Our kinda guy.

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