The Society for the Preservation of Minor league Baseball in Northern California !

Greetings minions...

It is my singular and unique pleasure to welcome you to the historic Fifth season of SPMBNC, the world's oldest and largest organization dedicated solely to cheap sporting events and good beer. From its humble beginnings amongst the voices in my mind, to its glorious present state with a logo and everything, SPMBNC has stood for honor, decency, and above all, watching sports whilst drinking beer. In observence of our Fifth anniversary, I have have commissioned commemorative pins to be struck in our honor. To receive your pin, simply go to your local minor league park and say to the usher, "Hey, I want my spermbank (SPMBNC) pin!" He may react with confusion and dismay at first, but if you keep screaming that phrase at him you will eventually get what you deserve.

That is all for now minions, I will be checking in with you from time to time this summer to inform you of your relentless progress to total minor league sports world domination.

Dean Shutt
Managing General Partner for Life, SPMBNC

For more detailed info on attending SPMBNC sanctioned events or on starting your own chapter in your area, contact us at SPMBNC@scroom.com.

The SPMBNC Manifesto!

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