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Rants started on: Dec 8 1996

Last rant on: Thu May 13 22:46:00 GMT 2004

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Linda Whyte Linmartin@aol.com Thu May 13 22:46:00 GMT 2004

Well all this American stuff is okay but you've got to live in Scotland and travel to your work by rail to really understand a subject that is worth ranting about. You get to the station every evening hoping (but definitely not expecting) to catch the 4.58 train and see that the signal is showing that a train is coming. You know that there is something wrong, but, like the eternal optimist that you are, you go on to the platform and stand expectantly. The train whizzes past (it is the Aberdeen to Glasgow express running late) or it stops (it is the Edinburgh train running late.) It is certainly not your train, which should by now have been well on its way to Glasgow. You go up to get a complaint form (available only, of course, from booking offices) only to find that there is no-one there. He is away to the men's room or has gone home or something. You go down to the waiting room to...well...wait. Eventually your train comes, but is held up at Carmuirs Junction, not because your train was late, but because the Edinburgh to Glasgow or Edinburgh to Dunblane train was late and all trains coming from or going to Edinburgh get priority. No, I don't know why either. It is then held up at Greenhills Junction. If anyone tries to explain why, the explanation is so vague that they really shouldn't have bothered. When your train finally arrives at Croy, you have, of course, missed the connecting bus to Kilsyth, and have to walk to the nearest bus shelter (well this is the west of Scotland we're talking about, and of course it is raining). This rant is not because I had a bad day today - my train was very nearly on time today - but because this is what I have to put up with most days of the week. And yes, I have tried complaining through the proper channels!

Thank you for the chance to rant, and to share it.

Concerned Citizen jford25@netzero.net Tue Mar 23 06:52:29 GMT 2004

I just wanted to induldge in a curiosity and would like anyone who may read this to take a minute to respond and think about what I'm going to say. Maybe I'm being a little too general since people (most I believe) are induviduals who make their own decisions and form their own unique opinions based on their experiences or outside experiences such as media and popular belief, etc. How many of you feel as if the media has distorted your perception of "real life" perhaps causing you to unknowingly become a victim of self neglect, allowing it to take over your life and in turn depriving you of what is important to you "the individual" and "your life"?

james jford25@NETZERO.NET Tue Mar 23 06:24:50 GMT 2004

I have to agree with the writers column on the topic of "shock value" and how the mass media and neglectful/thoughless people who publicly humiliate society by inflicting their beliefs and ignorance upon the minds of those whom rather have not ever been exposed to the absolute voulgarious and downright stupid images that our beloved mass media feeds into our daily lives in the first place, robbing us of our souls and perverting our minds. Now I understand that the first ammendment gives anyone the right to speak their mind freely although television and radio media have overstepped their bounds by incorporating the first ammendment right into a media that in the time period when the Constitution was written wasn't even yet conceived. Have we any common sense? A modern society, the very fabric of which has been burned from beneath us fueled by ignorance, greed and corruption is the very fiber that has in a sense created our newfound way of life. A life where no consideration is taken into account that we as a nation are only destroying ourselves and the lives of future generations of citizens. Take a look at the media giant FOX. Do they think we are all fools; stupid mindless degenerates who feed off the humilation of others whom by the way are getting paid more per episode than the average working class man probably gets paid in a 6 month period? And who pays for this garbage? Us, the people who have become enthralled by television and probably don't know that we have been robbed of our mentality by it. Since most of us couldn't imagine a world without television, we take a minimal amount of consideration (if any at all) into how it is affecting us psychologicaly. After all it makes sense right? A child spending roughly 4-5 hours a day watching T.V., absorbing stimuli that will become "hardwired" and "impressed" into the delicate ripe mind which is being subject to random and spuratic changes in events, themes, and content. How do we expect them to live up to their full potential? We've allowed T.V to act as a babysitter for our nations childern thinking it's intent is to accelerate their learning processes by bombarding them constantly with new ideas and exposing them to scenairos that depict an alternate life to their own (such as family sitcoms) thinking that might curb the childs desire to experience things for themselves. That is a goddamn shame and explains why a large percentage of these kids will end up in jail or prision one time or another in their lives or perhaps begin to develop mental illnesses. It robs the mind and body of the natural drive to experience, explore and form induviduality in their lives. There is little interaction between the viewer and the broadcast with exceptions such as game shows and learning programs where the viewer can actively participate along with the program and somehow benefit personally, and not to completely knock the whole idea of television completely (after all there are many benefits to be gained by watching it), we should be much more cautious as a society about what we broadcast for our own sake and the sake of others, on all platforms including the Internet. Although this seems impossible (and probably is) wouldn't we feel better about ourselves if we could take the first step in the direction towards bettering our future by being responsible as a society cleanning up the airwaves and to clear the pollution we have allowed to continue to burn a hole into our minds, bodys, and souls?

Tim MacPhee mcph6@aol.com Tue Feb 10 11:22:50 GMT 2004

You have got the Tate vs Weaver fight wrong. Tate had Weaver against the ropes beating on him, even after his corner told him to stay away from him because he had it won. But against the ropes Weaver came out of nowhere with an upper cut that landed square on Tates chin. Lights out.

Jason B. P. Mierek jmierek@msn.com Wed Apr 30 01:52:30 GMT 2003

Yeah, so I am an overeducated, underpaid, whining pseudo-intellectual, neo-Romantic, transrationalist, Unitarian-Universalist Buddhist freethinker, ya wankers! That does not mean that my reasons for wanting to kill TV are any less valid!

While I must agree that not everything on TV is absolute shite (Twilight Zone, All in the Family, and The Simpsons are a few examples of good TV) and that not everything in print is great literature (Danielle Steel. 'Nuff said.), it is not the CONTENT of TV that has me pissed oof and telecidal.

I hate TV for two specific reasons.

1. The medium of television has reduced all forms of public discourse to the lowest common denominator of entertainment, amusement. War stops being interesting? Then get a new story. We Americans seriously delude oursevles into thinking we know anything about the world after watching 22 minutes of 30-second sound-bites with video. What a fucking joke!

2. The medium of television has literal, measurable narcotizing effects, which, while cool after a hard day at the office, are simply inappropriate for kids whose brains are being hardwired as they sit passively in front of the screen. I think 25 hours+ of viewing a week has led to measurable reductions in intelligence, literacy, creativity and empathy. Youth violence and ADD may be just two of the wonderful consequences of unbridled, thoughtless consumption of TV.

Watch it if you want, but as for me and my family, we say Kill Your Television!

Joe bigjoe_36@excite.com Mon Mar 17 20:02:13 GMT 2003

Fuck France!

nick nick_312@hotmail.com Fri Oct 18 06:05:27 GMT 2002

dearest jane, blue and black are fine and everyone should be able to dress however they want too. it makes it even funnier to make fun of people when they are confident. the end

Laurel Babe OBPicasso@yahoo.com Wed Aug 21 03:24:08 GMT 2002

The left lane is for PASSING, not for driving in. When a vehicle comes up behind you and you are in the fast lane MOVE RIGHT and let the vehicle pass you on the left. LET THEM PASS! MOVE YOUR ASS OVER and just let them go by. If cars are passing you on the right you are a DUMBSHIT and you are FUCKING UP A VERY WELL PLANNED freeway system. And SLOW DOWN DURING WET WEATHER!!! duh!

Sally J. Leffbettwer Sally25812@aol.com Wed Jun 5 21:56:28 GMT 2002

I just read your article concerning Lt. Kelly Flynn and Gen. Ralston. Lt. Flynn mave have disobeyed an order but there is most definetly a double standard in the military. My ex-husband was a major when he committed adultry with another major in the USAF. He was a marine. I reported him to his commanding officer and was informed that he was allowed to have a private life. I also informed her commanding officer. Nothing was done to her either. In fact they gave him a medal and orders over-seas to be stationed with her. This even before our divorce was final. He has since been promoted to Lt. Col. and so has she. He is also a commanding officer of a squadron. The only thing the Lt. did wrong was not being of a high enough rank and not being a member of the good ole boys flying club. They protect their own. At one time I tried to contact Lt. Flynn. If you have her address tell her to check the marine corp records for investigations of adultry charges for the years of 1996-97. She may have some ammo for her own case.

Frank fuds@hotmail.com Mon Dec 31 18:47:44 GMT 2001

NFL referees suck! They do not deserve the pay they receive! And they wanted a raise, poor babies!!! Do your damn job!!!! Missed calls every week, calls that cost games!!! Get it together, you are a joke!!! Every one of you should be ashamed of yourselves!!!

Jer yammerhammer@yahoo.com Tue Aug 14 21:50:49 PDT 2001

My complaint is directed at Richard Allen Davis the guy who tortured and murdered 12 year old Polly Klaas. I hope he reads this or somehow this gets to him. I find him a very rebulsive person among other things! How could you murder and torture such a sweet child as Polly? You are a lousy coward!! How come in all your evil doings you didn't try it out on a man? Someone more your equal you would lose you freak! Your quite the big man when it comes to beating up women and children but lo and behold let a lawman come in to the pic and your busted with no resistance, wow you must be proud of your self. I really am amazed that you would push your Indian heritage so much I doubt that your Indian brothers condone what you have done. I seen how you enraged Polly's dad on TV with your lie of him hurting her. You deserve the penalty of Hell fire and if you don' t know it there will be a time where you surely will. How could you possibly live with yourself? You faked a suicide attempt why don't you go through with it you guttless wonder? You are such a coward and you will die a coward!! And you call yourself an American Indian? What a joke!! You are a laughing stock. All you have done your whole life is cause misery and pain to many what a pussy you are, you prey on the weak what a coward and what a punk!! Where do you you get off trying to sell or give away your so called Indian woodwork what's is up with that? Are we to believe that a murdering scumbag like you is supposed to have feelings? What about Polly? You snuffed her life out years ago and yet you are still here. I hope and pray that every night she haunts your dreams that every waking moment that is all you think about only her, how a beautiful child was murdered by a low life scum. You are evil, you deserve to die and you deserve to burn in hell for eternity. Anyone who hurts or kills are young doesn't deserve a second chance and in your case many chances. You are the scum of the earth and you deserve a terrible death but once again our legal system fails us because poor Polly didnt receive any easy death, you tortured her, but yet all you face is a simple painless injection and then you die, oh but the afterlife you think you as an Indian will face will be intirely different you will see the face of God as He sends you to Hell forever!!!

PS I would greatly appreciate anyone who could forward this to that sickening coward. Thanks

LSlobodzian slobodzian@marinecorps.com Tue Aug 14 14:08:04 PDT 2001

We are all created in God's image. There is a better way to live. If you want to find peace, drop the weed and the hooch, and ask Jesus to send his peace. I have tried it all, and I know that God's peace is the only way for everyone. Try it.

OZLERZEBARS FRIEND bigjoe_36@excite.com Fri Jul 6 12:55:31 PDT 2001

What pisses me off is that my friend had ways of tracking me down quite easily. He knows where my mom lives and he could have gotten my number from her. I lost his number and have no way to get ahold of anybody in his family. So what does he do? he gets on the internet and calls me an asswipe! Man! Some peoples children! If I didn't love him like a brother I'd beat his ass down and choke him out and then I'd get rough! And one other thing... All you crybabies out there that don't like this country I have one word for you... FOAD!!!!

imasaint777@yahoo.net (R) imasaint@uswest.net Thu Mar 8 22:46:07 PST 2001

I agree with nullzero, i too hate paying for music cd's fuck paying for that shit, i steal everything music, software, clothes, cigarettws, fuck paying for that shit, money is too hard to come by than throwin it away on the "neccecitys" of life... ha-ha rob, steal, arson, slash. crash and burn. BURN AND ROB< BURN AND ROB (a good song i heard in Louisiana, while partying with a bunch of young anarchists last summer) the pigs raided that house, i did 60 days in parrish proson for a dime of weed that wasnt mine. fuck it, it just opened up my eyes to the degree of stupidity in that state, Patterson louisiana, "FUCK YOU" POLICE CHEIF PATRICK LA SALLE. adios mothafuckas

WAYNE VORSETH vw2@qwest.net Thu Mar 8 22:28:39 PST 2001

I live in Portland, Oregon. the most livable city in the USA. I hate sniveling, ass kissing, and whiners. If you arent happy about the way this country is going or (has gone) to the dogs.. well, why dont you do something positive to change it? why do you sit around and complain all day? Quit being so apathetic, lazy and shiftless. Also, you "Christians" (so called) yes, i agree, God loves sinners, but not the way you sloppy agape preachers would like to believe. Fags are discussed in Romans chapter one. Its just plain ignorance, and insulting to GOD the way you fake preachers be espousing the "LOVE" of God, while totally ingoring the attributes of a FURIOUS ANGRY AND SIN HATING GOD!!! if youre going to preach. then preach the whole gospel, not just the part that makes you feel good.Hell is real, and you are either going to heaven or to hell, the choice is yours freind. I suggest repenting, and following the LORD JESUS CHRIST!! AMEN!!!





El burro janglist@talk21.com Wed Aug 30 14:39:35 PDT 2000

What the f##k is all this f##in##n $ s##t you know full well it's £ dumb F#### americans. Have some F##king respect for a poor (yet infinatly superior) brit who just wants to get some entertainment on a cold summer night, and dont even think about sending jizz mail to me. butt! (its OK cos its not a swear word eh, ed.

Orsen mcherry@planeteer.com Thu Aug 3 14:15:17 PDT 2000

Well you Old Bags, take the batteries out of your biological clocks that are no longer ticking, put them back in your hearing aids and pump up the volume, Orsenís about to drive you Miss Daisyís around the bend. Dress nice now, throw on your best pair of late bloomers, set those girdles on explode and double hook those wire bras because this is a rant and Iím taking no pensioners.

First lets look at the cause of all this senior citizen angst, ďThe Change.Ē Yea, thatís right, the point in a womenís life when she menopauseís in mid sentence, starts wearing red and carries a pitch fork and suddenly becomes the Devilís Advocate. Now donít get me wrong ladies, Iím the first one to admit I donít understand a thing about the feminine life cycle, to me its just another piece of exercise equipment I donít use. However, I do know when you old bags are trying to take over the earth by hiding in an es-Trogen horse, then once inside resorting to the old sneak panic attack. This geria-trick and treating display of guile will not work ladies, it hasnít worked since the 50ís when your soda fountains of youth were hidden at the back of the drug store.

Yes, I realize going through a second puberty is a life changing experience, but do you have to remain bitter 20 years after the fact? My guess is you came to the conclusion that after ďThe ChangeĒ there was no womb for improvement and you just decided to become old broads for life. Now before you post-menopausal bags clinch your bony fingers into a fist and take a mood swing at me, here me out. I can understand that at your age you canít find relief from the body aches, sore breasts, hot flashes, night sweats and decrease in sexual interest. What I wont tolerate is the body aches, sore breasts, hot flashes, night sweats and the decrease in sexual interest. Please do it in the privacy of your own life.

Yes, I can relate to a yearning for years past, a nostalgia for a youth that only had its future in front of it and an anger for anyone under the age of forty, but ladies let it go okay. I love an older woman who still speaks her mind, expresses a contrarian opinion and doesnít allow age to interfere with her ability to shoot from the hip replacement, but this angst towards those 3 generations behind you has got to stop. The era of the self-esteem engine has past, okay. We know youíve seen it all, can tell us that most of the stuff in Cameronís Titanic didnít really happen, can tell us when horsepower was measured by how many piles of shit Trigger left in the middle of Main St. while he pulled Henry Fordís first buggy. We know how you all walked 40 miles to school every day, then turned around and walked right back just to make sure you got home in time, thatís why you old bags never got an education, who had time for classes with all that walking.

Then you all married, had kids and the next thing you know your experiencing a mid-wife crises, but the shit canít hit the fan because the constipation of life has arrived. Its about this time that sex falls prey to the aging process, your husband is playing connect the age spots on your back and your pissed because your mother left you with a physical inheritance that leads you to believe that beauty is only kin deep. Then it hits you, youíre just a kidney stones throw away from Old Age. Your paranoid when your son-in-law starts building that extra room out back and calls it the granny flat-tulence. You hate seeing that eternal flame amount to nothing more then a flickering bick lighter that you have to use to light a fire underneath your own ass just to make it to the bathroom on time. Where once you were a sex object, now you are a consumer buying sex objects requiring batteries, just to get the prune juices flowing down below.

Iím discouraged to read you old bags calling yourselves older then dirt, because that means your about 3 months away from being covered in it, and I wouldnít wish that on you old broads, cause I like you. I like that youíve taken a stand on life, I admire your fight to overcome the fact that your shuffle bored with your lives, that youíve decided to not give in to the blue hair and plate lifestyle of your friends. I get a kick out of you old broads who have seen two turns of the century and can laugh at yourselves when you still write 1900 on your cheques. I love it when you old bags take the Sedan out for a spin and put another poly-dent in the drivers side door, then when the cop stops you for NOT speeding and finds out your age, he immediately rights you a Jurassic Parking ticket.

I can only watch in awe as you old bags continue to practice the mind over gray matter that is required to get you through the day. How you can persevere when your ass has dropped farther then Amazon.com stock, your floppy, doughy breasts tickle your shoe laces when you walk and how you had the foresight to stock up on K-Y2 Jelly during the Y2K scare. Yes Vagina, there is a Santa Clause. You have adapted by forming the anti-social security group known as the OBC, which I gather means 0 B.C. because thatís when you were all born.

So Golden Girls, Iím on your side, really. Remember the only living will you should have is the one to survive, so get out there and sow your Quaker Oats. Iíll understand if you feel you have to grab me by the youth and shake me into a Perry Como-tose state, Iíll take it like a man when you make me eat crows feet. But let me tell you old bags something, if there is a dance left in you old dames, I want to be the one who leads.

who you poppa in de ass? me@home Tue Jul 11 21:13:43 PDT 2000

Gnosis is a liberal, turd tamping pillow biter

Quicky Quicky2001@hotmail.com Wed Jul 5 01:49:07 PDT 2000

There are too many old people on the streets around where i live. They seem to think that just because they fought in a couple of wars and won that they can do whatever they pleas. You know, piss themselves, have electronic wheelchairs, moan, have grey hair and round glasses, talk constantly about things during the war. My nan said to me after she saw a newspaper article about an assault on a pensioner, "when i was a young girl the blitz was on, bombs were dropping out of the sky left right and centre, but you knew it was safe to go out at night." WHAT!! Are you stupid or something? What the bloody hell are you on about you daft old cow? They should only be let out for an hour or so every day, that way people like myself can drive around really fast without the fear of mowing one of the old farts down(just small children and fat people because they can't get out of the way in time). I feel much better now so i will tell you a couple of really sick jokes.

A little girl walks into her bathroom and sees her mom in the bath. She points at her mums vagina and asks what it is. Her mum says that it is her vagina. The little girl asks if she will get one. "Maybe when your older dear." Her mom replies. Next day the same thing happens but her dad is in the bath. She points at his knob and asks what it is, he explains that it is his penis. Again she asks if she will get one. "Maybe when your mom goes shopping." her dad replies.

What is blue and orange and sits at the bottom of a swimming pool? A baby with burst armbands!

Your Daddy gnosis@mail.com Mon May 15 14:50:29 PDT 2000

Dang! I have got to learn to TYPE! This was some sorry work.... Oh Well.

Your Real Daddy gnosis@mail.com Mon May 15 14:47:54 PDT 2000

Exactley! You have finally made some everyday sense. Shit the bed Fred...I actually agree wuth you. Yes, the young boy belongs with his Family, not an adopted family thatgot him after the fact. Yes, the Cubans, who are by the way fairly fard working honest people, IMHO, will not go back to Cuba and be reunited... If that is so, what the dog did they come here for. To live free just to go back... Get real, they are where they should be if they want to be fairly free, unless of course they live in Waco or Ruby Ridge... Too, scroom the gov, for their sorry ass tackets of raiding non hostile home in the middle of the night with a piss ant swat shitass cop team.... Go For it ANDY!!!!

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA lightninbolt@mindspring.com Sat Apr 29 22:59:08 PDT 2000

California Proposition 22

I am not religous. I am not gay. I am not a lawyer.

What I am is an ordinary American who would like to share a few words with you from a little document we like to call, "The U.S. Constitution".

Article IV, Section 1: Full faith and credit shall be given in each State to the public acts, records, and judicial proceedings of every other State...

What this means, dear friends, is that any contract that is lawfully entered into in any State MUST be recognized as valid and binding by every other state. It's not negotiable, it's simply the Constitution.

Now, how does this apply to California's Prop 22, the Knight Initiative? Do I even need to answer this question?

For the sake of fleshing out this editorial, I will. What the Knight Initiative proposes is that California pass legislation that would prohibit the recognition of same-sex unions performed in other States as valid and legally binding. We have a word for this, "Unconstitutional." (Article IV, Section 1...remember?)

As I said, I am not religous, I am not gay, and I am not a lawyer. Nor am I a psychic, but I can tell you with absolute clarity what will happen with Prop 22:

1.Voters will pass it, because it's still ok to hate gays. 2.Lawyers will appeal it, because that's what lawyers do. 3.Millions of taxpayer dollars will be spent, because that's apparently what taxpayer dollars are for. 4.The first meaningful court that it crosses will slap it down like a hyperactive chihuahua at dinner time, because you can't just ignore the Constitution. 5.Voters will once again feel as if their opinion doesn't count, because it doesn't.

Fellow voters, please! Vote "No" on Prop 22. It's illegal, it's unconstitutional, it's a gross waste of time and money, and it's just plain wrong!

Dave Lind Associate Editor SCROOMtimes

YOUR REAL DADDY Gnosis@mail.com Mon Apr 24 21:21:20 PDT 2000

HA! You nailed it fairly correct. Nobody said Euro anything...he** we, Americans, have bailed them out of more crap than they can get in to. Now did I say anything negative about Mexicans? My VERY best friend is named Alvarado and his entire family is from the basin and always has been. He's a hard worker too! Great Guy! We will always be friends, as we have for over thirty years... Does that mean I'm a racist? Now, I know a Jewish fella and he too is a good friend of mine and is a very caring and giving person and genuine and yes, Well to do! I am Indian myself (Eastern Band Cherokee, Not 'The Nation') so, that gets rid of the drunken Redskin. Ever meet a WWII German that will tell you he was a nazi? They were chicken shits all the way! Just ask a Jewish person. Skinheads and kkk 888 are hateful MF's waitin for hell to open up and take em. Now, I have told you I like Mexicans, or spics as you say, I have dinged a few slopes, or chinks as you say, but that was in the v'nam war and a necessity so, that doesn't count. I truely admire the Philipino People and the finest Man I have ever worked for was named Bogan, and he was an African American, or nigger (Shame on you, you s.o.b.) as you call them. I just have NO use for liberal lefties from the left coast that hook up on any damn train going through town and that includes the faggot lesbo and faggot boys that are perversions to life itself. They suck! Literally! May be send their ass somewhere that they would be accepted, but wait, they already have, and it is called CALIFORNIA! OH Lucky you!, because you can be a very liberal, unbiased, non racist person and everybody can say, "man is that person koowel, or what??". You get it yet, mouthy self righteous jerk? I'm no racist, just don't like the land of the pink sky and the phoney BS thay have always preached. Yes, You are the racist, aren't you? You did know all the words. You did use them. It sounded like you have had a little experience at it too... so, where's that leave you? CA is still a dumping ground. Always has been and always will be. Too bad for the decent people that have to live there or be Militarily stationed there. By the way, are you one of those hippy assholes? Well on a last note, I like Asians too. They are by far the most industrious people I have ever met. Suck it up whiteboy, you a racist and don't know it. Also My Niece is African American. My other Niece and Nephews are Choctaw, Yakima and Cherokee, and also everyday White Fokes or PWF's... I served with and was in combat w/Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Polish, Irish Guard (or did you call them Micks?), Philipino and on and on and some of them even worked for me. I perceive you are calling the kettle black. You Pansy!

YOu agree?

are too! Too ever seen a Swiss army person fight in a war or a Swede for that matter, however, they make fine weapons though,

jmg jmg054@webtv.net Mon Apr 24 16:20:56 PDT 2000

Well every racist has the right to talk their shit, there are winners and losers in whatever race you wish to choose. You have alian spics,greedy jews,red commies,drug dealing niggers, mafioso italians, trailer trash, white whores, nazi Germans, Drunk Irish, slant eyed chinks, run across the border wetbacks,alchoholic redskins and whatever your terminology and stereotype for a race may be, it's bullshit. It's just so ignorant to think the European has more to offer to the world than anyone else. It's just stupid!

Your DADDY Candy ass n@a Sat Apr 22 21:49:12 PDT 2000

Weel...I'm not a Bible thumper. Just don't like gay..Gay means happy not queer. Queer means strange. You don't get it do you? Well, maybe you do by the way you take up for faggots. Ya, you all must be real proud that you're real people minded, while your state is over run by vietnamese and illegal aliens from centreal america and a disease that eats you up simply cause some faggot started screwing then got in to some swinger that passed it along. What a pathetic bunch of jerk offs. n@a go kiss a faggot's ass but make sure they're wearing their draw string or they might shit on you. Could be I have no use for faggots or those that condon the lifestyle. Don't have much use for illegal aliens either, or somebody telling me that I have to learn spanish because I might want to visit calif.... You lefties are some weird people, that's all I can figure. Oh ya, I also belong to GOA, NRA, JPOF, and the Second amendment... In other words I like to target shoot and drive trucks, and spit out the window, and take my boys fishing and shooting and how they should be on guard against people that like weird stuff...like kissin and huggin other little boys and girls. Yep, bugger each other and then preach how it should be a wonderful and lawful and so on and so on and why don't you kiss off and preach this shinola fugepackin, illegal alien spanish horseshit to somebody else. Don't think for a minute that Mexico would let YOU do there what the illegal aliens do here in the states. Try being a faggot too, then come back and tell me you like it and how wonderful it is and that you want ALL your happy family to be that way. Could be with all those pink little boys and girls there it could be come extinct...cause they can't have kids the way the go about it. Piss on Calif. says straighten up you saggy asses and quit that weirdo livin and rid CA of the illegals and speak English not spanish... Although I must admit, The Spanish I have met work a heck of a lot harder than the goofy liberal faggot white boys down in the city and berkely et cetera... So, bite the bag will ya?

Isaac hex5o@onebox.com Tue Apr 18 19:55:57 PDT 2000


Me n@a Mon Apr 10 13:37:30 PDT 2000

That the state of California is run by a pack of reactionary bible thumpers like yourself? You proud of that fact gnossis? That give you a chubby, knowing small-minded bigotry gets to bask in the sun for a little while longer? Man I am glad I'm not you, to be so pathetic that you get of on the misfortunes of others, how sad your life must be...

Your Daddy Gnosis@mail.com Sun Apr 2 21:24:30 PDT 2000

Well your law was shit canned wasn't it? What's that tell you?

Your Daddy Gnosis@mail.com Sat Feb 26 22:50:10 PST 2000

Oh Yah, Andy, while I'm at it, kiss off! YOUR site sucks... and I do have a few addresses, so what. Storage space, (5 mb each) you know, something you all don't use, I'm sure...

Your REAL Daddy! gnosis@mail.com Sat Feb 26 22:44:56 PST 2000

Rush was a rock and roll band you jerk off! You afraid to put your real email address on here? By the way, Scroom... what a joke... I'm here so I can write to all you California sissy ass lefties. Boy, when I left that land of the pink skies in 1974, I never went back. It was a stoppin off place for me on the way to where you candy ass draft dodgin hippies in the district were too chicken shit to go. You know, those coward assholes like garcia and jessee winchester, and on and on...haight ash... stinkin kids that never took baths or worked... What a joke. A state that the hispanic/latinos brag is the home of their native tongue and if the regular caucs want to stay they had better learn spanish. Now that's real guts on the part of you fudgepackers and liberals. espanol's ass. But, might as well be... everything in the shit state has a spanish name anyway.

Me n@a Tue Feb 22 09:35:55 PST 2000

You're smart and you spell good too? You come up with those ideas all by yourself or did Rush help?

piss on california gnosis@mail.com Mon Feb 21 20:39:51 PST 2000

well, to the land of the pink sky. Yes, you're a queer. Gay means happy, not faggot...get the terms correct. what you say could be law but you know so is murder and dope and rape and slappin your spouse around and all kinds of stuff... Shitty ass fudgepackers... Get in to something real and now a lame ass law that would do anything to screw up marriage more than it already is. queers suck dicks...right? is that normal? think about...is IT NORMAL??? screwing each other in the ass and talking like a little girl when you're really a grown man, Is that normal??? Piss on california says, piss on california and when the fires of hell get real hot, you liberals ass kissin goober smoochin pansies will just bitch more about something you caused...your coast is fallin in. you're eat up with illegal aliens, your state in the queer capital of the world, the biggest friggin fault in the US runs right the san jaquin..., gay means happy...remember, faggot is queer, so is california... Wouldn't it be nice if we had 49 states? That would mean the the land of the pink queer skies has fallin in to the friggin pacific ocean and hopefully will float over to the tonkin gulf and you queer lovers, and dick suckers will be no more than a break water for the slopes...

Brett V.V. snowboy18@hotmail.com Tue Jan 25 09:18:05 PST 2000

I thought the Jaco article was pretty good. I just hate how he is always depicted as an arogant S.O.B. He is really good and hearing that of him only makes me think less of him. I'm that people don't, but sometimes I just wish that authors would leave that out of their articles. It takes away from his magic. I'm justing ranting so...

The editors editor@scroom.com Wed Jan 5 11:23:43 PST 2000

Just a note to let you know that we will be going to a once every two months publishing schedule in 2000. Be sure to subscribe so that you never miss an issue. We will publishing the first issue of 2000 in early February.

WhamBam whambamthankyoumam@hotmail.com Tue Jan 4 07:30:04 PST 2000

No Offense, Team Scroom, but you are going to have to come up with a better t-shirt design. Don't take this too personally, just think of it as constructive criticism. I don't think you could pay me $20 to wear that shirt (this is coming from a guy that would do just about anything for $20). Number one, I am but a wee computer geek and the smallest available size would look like a freaking dress on me. Number two, well, I guess there is no number two, but I will reiterate the fact that the design needs some work.

The Fixx radawg82@hotmail.com Thu Dec 30 20:08:09 PST 1999

Skippy is the man. I don't care what anybody says. They can all go to hell for all I care. And thats the bottom line, cause The Fixx said so! Oh hell yeah!

Your Daddy Stormhead@mindspring.com Fri Nov 19 01:47:36 PST 1999

F**k MP3!!! You have to be a pup... Bring back vinyl. Just this past Monday I took about thirty CD's to the gun club and shot the s**t out of them... What the dog is MP3 anyway? Is that anythinglike Y2K? or ABC? or ATF? or USSR? or NATO? Yes, go back to Stereo two track or four track. Piss on computer music. Stoopit computer geekass gearhead!

Nullzero null0@usa.net Wed Nov 17 23:35:57 PST 1999

I hate when it's the middle of November, and there is STILL no new SCROOM. Weak.

Nullzero nullzero@gamehacker.com Tue Oct 12 23:06:03 PDT 1999

I hate CD's. I can't wait until MP3 crushes the pathetic and oppresive music industry like a hungry bum crushes a fresh roach between his molars. I hate paying $15 for one song. I hate paying $20 for a CD that doesn't have the song I want on it. Long live audio piracy... may it leave many money grubbing CEO's homeless and degrade them to the point of consuming fresh roaches.

So it is written. So it shall be done.

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