The Society for the Preservation of Minor league Baseball in Northern California !
The SPMBNC Manifesto

SPMBNC is an organization founded on the twin pillars of cheap sporting events and good beer. Initiation into the hallowed halls of SPMBNC is a rigorous process consisting of three equally critical steps:
  1. Attend a sanctioned SPMBNC event or any minor league sporting event on your own or with friends (minor league being defined as tickets under $10 and players that don't whine about making five million dollars a year).
  2. Drink beer (preferably good beer, but really any beer will do).
  3. Purchase a piece of minor league paraphernalia or official SPMBNC paraphernalia (e.g. hat, T-shirt, jersey etc.).

Once you have fulfilled the necessary tasks you will automatically become a member - a proud part of the oldest organization in the western world that is dedicated exclusively to minor league sports and drinking beer. As a member you will receive benefits far too numerous to list here, but include going to minor league sporting events and drinking beer, not to mention wearing minor league paraphernalia.

In the coming months, be sure to watch this page for SPMBNC sanctioned events and contests ( Such as the blindfolded beer tasting challenge). We intend to press on and prove, once and for all, that you can get just as good a tan at a minor league park as you can in the big leagues.

So join us, thumb your nose at those spoiled millionaire ballplayers and support those that play for the love of the sport (and chance to become spoiled millionaires). And remember, after enough beer, you can't tell what skill level you're watching anyway.
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