Hi there, and welcome to SCROOMtimes. I'll be your publisher, and hopefully, you'll be hearing from me every month, since I have this space to fill.
We are a fledgeling publication, and we have LOTS of ideas, and more than a little interest in this whole entity that is the 'Net (I'll be using this nerdy term for the Internet, and interlinked computers as a whole. Hey! I am a nerd!). We're software engineers, marketing people, and students. We're attempting to put forth something that will interest, disgust, inflame, please, and piss off people all over the world (sorry, we're English speakers, so that will the "langue du journal", although we're not above publishing in another language...send us something!).
As you will see elsewhere in this issue, we are looking for a few good people - people who like our style, or perhaps want to influence and/or balance our viewpoint. We're new to this, but we're learning fast.
And I look forward to bringing it to you all!