Published Monthly  Volume 4 Number 3  March 1999
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Hey all! Welcome back to the SCROOMtimes. It's March, and I know that you are all just thinking about.... basketball? No, dammit, it's Springtime! Well, it's getting close to Springtime. I can't wait, even the weenie winters of Northern California get me down anymore. Time for clear days, driving around with the top down, and the start of softball season...

Anyway, enough daydreaming. We have another fine issue for you here, even if it is a tad on the late side. Fiona has popped back in, perhaps explaining her abscence last month. Skippy woke up on the wrong side of his cot, but Pelican seems to be happy as a clam, studying of all things.

So, come check it out, tell a few friends, and enjoy the arrival of spring!
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