Published Monthly  Volume 4 Number 5  May 1999
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Welcome, welcome! It's May, and finally winter is over. As I write this, the SCROOMtimes staff is preparing for the Bay-to_Breakers, one of the largest organized (well, semi-organized) runs in the world. Tomorrow morning, 70 thousand strange and bizarre persons will descend upon the streets of San Francisco, and run,, walk, stagger, and march from the San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Ocean.

And we will be there! The SCROOMtimes staff will be pushing our bar cart throughout the race. Yes, it is a race, though by the time the bulk of the people cross the starting line, the real runners will be crossing the finish line. There will be giant condoms, models of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Naked Guys, and scads of other, even stranger things going on. It'll be a fine time, I'm sure. We hope to have some pictures of the race in the next issue of the 'times.... assuming that we don't get arrested or anything.

In the meantime, please take a look at the new issue of the SCROOMtimes! This is our special Movie Issue. Our newly foreign correspondent, Ealasaid Haas, has some words on British Cinema. And our resident movie-maker, Greg Tennant, has a couple of more educational columns about some of the people involved in actually making movies. Check it out!

One the more regular front, Pelican Smith is back, with the final word (yeah, I hope!) on the Melissa virus - and some larger implications that resulted. And Dave Lind did someone a favor - we just don't know who. Our favorite Australienne is missing in action - off in search of inspiration, is our guess.

So, take a look around, and tell all your friends what cool people we really are. I mean, you know that, right?
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