Volume 1, Number 4 -- November, 1996

Issue Four!

 Well here we are at issue four already and that means it's my turn to do the intro again. You will find this month that we have a few new faces here at the 'times. Richard McKinney has an interesting take on term limits in his story The Donor. Amelia James has a great story about frindship and loss in High Spirits. John Merz's tale What Price Salvation needs to be read to be believed. Be sure to check out their work in the 'Not Your Usual Scroom' section.

 Yours truly gets his poetry fix in the 'Rhymes With Scroom' area. Be gentle - I wrote them a long time ago. I'm joined there by J Davis and his poem Selfishly Selfless. Also joining the Rymes With Scroom section this month, Kilgore weighs in with his Poems by Kilgore. Dave Lind and the Professor have each turned in their midseason reviews on the NFL - From the Cheap Seats takes look at the status of his preseason picks and The Professor hands out his patented halfway point awards. Skippy takes another big step in his monthly journey to a padded cell with another of his Random Thoughts from beyond the Fringe. Our own publisher has finally opened his mouth (!), and gives us some thoughts on the political process.

 Our unflappable movie reviewer has finally found a film that he doesn't hate! Read all about it in You Gotta See This. Those people at the BackPage have returned. We hadn't seen them for six weeks when they came dragging in the door a few days ago. I of course don't like to venture back there that often, you know how I hate the weirdos, but they did mention something about "not strippers...Dancers". As always we kindly ask for your submissions, we truly do want to make this your magazine as well as ours. If you can't string together a thousand coherent words into a story, then by all means dump what you can onto the Rant Page (the best part being you don't have to wait a month to be published, it's instant gratification). That's about it, so sit back, breathe deeply and hold onto your hat, we may wind up miles from here.

the SCROOMtimes staff

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