Published Monthly  Volume 3 Number 9  September 1998
SCROOMtimes is a publication of SCROOMcomm, Ltd; Publisher:Andy Wallace; Editor-in-Chief: Dean Shutt

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..........Dave Lind
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 It's baby time! I tell you, things are just wild around here. In addition to our own Dave Lind becoming a father (the first boy - is he excited! Finally someone who might believe him when he says the Raiders are great!) In addition, friends and co-workers are pushing babies out all over the place. Must have been a cold winter, eh?
 But anyway, welcome back to the SCROOMtimes. We're glad to have you back! If this is your first time, we're really glad to have you here. Check out what we have for you this issue!
 Skippy has a few kind words about our beleaguered president. Fiona went home to the family, the Geek Lord is repudiating the Dark Side, and Dean is convinced that his Colts are ready to take on the world. Dave Lind is placating the woman who just gave birth to his son, so he couldn't be with us this issue, but we have pictures of the baby - check the little beggar out!
 Our "Not Your Average SCROOM" section brings a familiar voice - Wil Forbis is back, telling us why he likes Barney. He sent this one in, folks, else we might have had to kill him. David Mandell is also back, warning of a dangerous trend.... or is it a possible career opportunity? You judge.
 We also have a funny little piece by Michael Dean about a strange party... one that I might have attended, I just can't remember. Jean Schwab has a story about looking for love in the 90's, not a comfortable proposition. And our old friend Steve Ringle is back with another poem.
 And, yes, the new SCROOMtimes t-shirts have arrived! Be the first on your block to wear one! You'll love it. Really. Check it out! We will have some pictures of the shirts up soon.
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